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PERSPECTIVES IN BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE Volume 30 ¦ Number 4 ¦ Summer 1987 EDITORIAL: THE DWIGHTJ. INGLE MEMORIAL WRITING AWARD It is with considerable regret that we announce that the appointed committee decided that no submitted manuscript merited the 1986 award for young writers. The committee did agree that five authors be offered honorable mention and subsequent publication. They are: David R. Kaplan, "Boundaries of Immune Reactivity: Implications for the Relationship of Man to His Environment" Michael J. Katz, "Sanger and the Decomposition-with-Bookkeeping Paradigm of Biochemistry" Lial Kofoed, "Selective Dimensions of Personality: (or) Psychiatry and Sociobiology in Collision" Charles Mobbs, "Sic Transit Veritas Mundi" James M. Rehmus, "The Collector's Mind" In the autumn issue we shall announce the beginning of the 1988 Young Writers' Contest—first-place winner to receive $1,000 rather than $500.—R.L.L. Perspectives in Biology and Mediane, 30, 4 ¦ Summer 1987 \ 469 ...


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