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IT HAS BEEN SAID and collected by SIR AUSTIN BRADFORD HILL* "Be very careful if you are looking for something. You may find it."—Louis Pasteur "To observations which ourselves we make We grow more partial for the observer's sake."—Alexander Pope "As the Frenchman said, everything has been said before but as no one appears to listen one can safely say it again."—Anon. "Perhaps we are both wrong."—Voltaire "To copy from one book is plagiarism. To copy from three is research."— Anon. "Lord Macauley has occasional flashes of silence which make his conversation perfectly delightful."—Sidney Smith "One who has all his wits about him but never enough together to form a quorum."—A. E. Coppard "It does not take a great mind to make simple things complicated but it may take a very great mind to make complicated things simple."—Anon. "One man is six minutes late for the train. One is four minutes early. On the law of averages both will catch it."—Anon. "Talk to a statistician aboutJacob's vision of a ladder leading into heaven and he will ask how many steps."—Douglas Jarold "Basic English is shown at its finest in the mother's note to the schoolmaster. 'Johnny can't come because he has not been. I've given him something to make him go and when he's been he will come.' "—Anon. ?Professor Emeritus of Medical Statistics, University of London, England. Material appearing under this title is collected with the aim of making the serious a bit less serious, the ponderous a bit less heavy, and the reading hours a bit more fun. Toward this goal we invite a guest editor of this feature for each issue. Will readers volunteer to share their senses of humor by coUecting or recollecting items that have brought smiles to their faces? We invite your participation. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 30, 4 · Summer 1987 \ 535 "Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt."—Shakespeare "We do ill to forget that modesty is an essential ingredient of the scientific outlook."—Lancelot Hogben "If it is true that ignorance is bliss your son is assured of a very happy future ."—Schoolmaster's report " 'Tis hard if all is false and I advance A fool must now and then be right by chance."—William Cowper "You should not address the House too often. It is better to leave it wondering why you do not speak than why you do."—Disraeli by K. VASUDEVA RAOf A nation needs more nourishing homes and less nursing homes. The hematologists are never narrow minded; they are always marrow minded. The world was guided by prophets then, The world is guilded by profits now. Never, never does a poor listener become a good speaker. Peacemakers, and not pacemakers, are the need of the day. Blessed are the Meek, for they shall irrigate the earth. It is a strange anagram of the modern times that dealers have become leaders. Bookworms are extinct now; we witness the evolution of Tapeworms—those who subsist on the Audiotapes, Videotapes and Computer tapes. The pleasure of being an owner is transient; The pleasure of being a donor is permanent. At times, hospitality alone can hospitalize an individual. The divorce between Botany and Medicine is decidely detrimental to the latter. Atrophy of observation and hypertrophy of instrumentation will symbolise the medical scene of a.d. 2000.¦(¦Consultant Biochemist, Salmaniya Medical Centre, P.O. Box 12, Bahrain, Arabian Gulf. 536 It Has Been Said ...


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