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ii8 BULLETIN OF FRIENDS' HISTORICAL SOCIETY. There is much reference to the Indians, Teedyuscung and Papunahung, in the minutes of the Meeting for Sufferings, Philadelphia , as well as in the Archives of Pennsylvania. Tract no. 50, entitled " John Papunahung the Converted Indian " published at 304 Arch Street by the Tract Association, gives no facts, and leaves the impression that the savage was a Quaker convert. In reality, Papunahung's conversion was one of the first fruits of the labors of David Zeisberger. The tract should be recalled or rewritten for it does not give a true impression of the facts. Amelia M. Gummere. A VISIT TO FRIENDS IN CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA, 1819. Introduction. The following paper is a portion of the original private journal of Ellis Yarnall (1757-1847), one of a committee sent by the Meeting for Sufferings of Philadelphia to investigate the conditions of the remnant of Friends in Charleston, South Carolina. One sheet of the journal is lost, and the journal breaks off abruptly . The committee made a brief report, not long after their return, to a Meeting held 1 month 20, 1820, and a detailed report which closely agrees with the journal, 3d month 17, 1820. Here the matter seems to have rested. The standing committee on the Charleston matter reported 4 month 12, 1822, and again 4 month 15, 1825, when it was stated only two members attended the meeting. Another report, similar in character, was made 4 month 1826. There has been much misconception in regard to the Charleston property, and the " Charleston Fund." It is quite clear from the records that had not Philadelphia Friends stepped into the breach, and advanced and expended considerable sums of money, the whole property would have lapsed to the State. In the final adjustment it was proper that the Meeting which had shouldered the responsibility, should have the disposition of the fund. As a matter of fact Charleston Meeting appears to have been an inde- A VISIT TO FRIENDS IN CHARLESTON, S. C.119 pendent meeting during the greater part of its existence. Its connection with North Carolina Yearly Meeting was little more than formal at any time. The history of Charleston Meeting is not a cheerful one, and it has never been recounted in full in print. A Bibliography is given at the end of the Journal. Editor. The Journal. John Cook, Israel W. Morris and myself [Ellis Yarnall] being under appointment by the Meeting for Sufferings1 to pay a visit to those who profess with Friends and reside in the City of Charleston, South Carolina, in order to ascertain the state of the Meeting that has been held there for many years and not under the regular care of any Meeting for Discipline, the situation of the members who compose it, and circumstances relative to the tenure of the property belonging to the Society in that place, on the 7th of nth month 1819, we went down to New Castle in the steamboat, having previously engaged our passage on board of the ship Pennsylvania, Captain William Bunce. On board of which [this ship] we embarked off New Castle [the] 9th, but did not get to sea till the 13th on account of head winds. We found a large number of passengers chiefly southern people who had spent the summer to the northward, and were returning home. To lay at anchor day after day with such a crowd was some tryal of our patience. We, however, went on shore at Ready [Reedy] Island, took a walk of several miles through the country which, with the town of Port Penn, [Delaware] exhibited evident marks of neglected agriculture and decayed trade. The passengers on board were politely attentive to us, but their habits and deportment, so different from what we had been accustomed , required a watchful care on our part to maintain our 1 Meeting for Sufferings mo. 17, 1819. John Cook, Israel W. Morris, and Ellis Yarnall were appointed to " investigate conditions, take charge of deed«, papers, etc., and plaoe them and the Estate in such hands as may be most likely to promote a due execution of the Trust devolved on this Meeting." Ms. Records. 120...


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