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ioo BULLETIN OF FRIENDS' HISTORICAL SOCIETY. JOURNAL OF PETER ANDREWS (1707-1750). In reply to the query in the Bulletin for 5th month, 1919 (p. 42), which I have only just seen, I am not quite sure whether this refers to an American Journal or otherwise. It may however be of interest to readers to speak of a MS. copy of Peter Andrews's English Journal (1755-6), in my possession. It is contained in one of two folio volumes in the neat and excellent caligraphy of John Perry, a Quaker minister of Ipswich, who died in 1824, aged 70. He was brother to Daniel Perry of Woodbridge , my wife's great-grandfather, which accounts for our possession of these two interesting volumes, almost wholly consisting of copies of Quaker journals, biographies, letters and miscellaneous pieces. The folio containing the Journal of Peter Andrews consists of 272 pages bound in parchment, the latter portion of this volume from page 249 being in the hand of John Perry, Junior, whose valuable Diary I also possess. There is no date to indicate when this MS. was compiled, but it is much later than the other, the index of which is dated 1778. The Journal is continued with the supplement on pp. 1 to 28 both inclusive, and is headed, A Brief Journal of the Travels and Labours in the Gospel , of Peter Andrews, whilst in England, Written by Himself. He commences: "In the Year 1775, being ye 4th Month 27th I set out from Home, staid at Philadelphia til ye first Day of ye 5th Month, then travel'd to Chester, and went on board the Ship Lydia, Peter Reeve, Captain ; sail'd that night to Newcastle, then came to Anchor, after that came on ye Wide ocean," etc. There follows an interesting account of this voyage, meetings on board, ^tC He landed eventually 2-V1-1755 on the Isle of Wight, then to Portsmouth by water, and on 4-vi month, by post, chaise to London, where he met "my Ancient & well Esteemed Friend Samuel Hopwood," etc. He lodged at Daniel and Mary Weston's when in London, the latter a Friend he had known in America and highly valued. The Journal proceeds to recount his various traveb throughout the country and is particularly interesting as containing such a JOURNAL OF PETER ANDREWS.??? large number of names of persons and places. He firstly visited London meetings, then proceeds to York and Yorkshire, and the following is the order in which he visited the meetings of Friends, etc., which is a remarkably extensive list, considering the short time allotted him. After Yorkshire he proceeded to the shires, etc., of Lincoln, Durham, York (again), Derby, York, Lincoln, Cambridge, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, London, Essex (again), where he heard of the death of his dear daughter Temperance, aged nineteen ; and mentions his wife and son Benajah. Then to Herts, Bedford, Bucks, Oxford, Gloucester, Oxford and Gloucester again, Bristol City, to Somerset, Wilts, Oxford, Middlesex, London, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk; and the Journal ends at Edmundsbury (Bury St. Edmunds), Norfolk, 25-VI-1756. "Here our Friend left off his narrative, says the writer of the supplementary account of his last days, which is interesting. He was taken ill and stayed for a short time at Woodbridge, Suffolk, and in spite of failing powers proceeded to his Friend John Oxley's at Norwich, where he died 13-VÜ-1756, and was buried in Friends' Burial Ground there 18-vii month, where was a very large gathering of Friends and others at his burial." " Few Friends (says the supplement) who have travelled in this nation have been more approved or had more general service in so short a space of time." Peter Andrews upon his deathbed referred to his wife and children, so that he evidently had more than the two named previously. Since writing the above, I have come across an interesting allusion to Peter Andrews in the valuable diary kept at Jordans, Bucks, by Rebekah Butterfield, in the 18th century, the original of which is at Devonshire House Reference Library. After 15iv -1756, Peter was in counties Bedford, Hertford and Buckingham , had, as his Journal relates, "an Evene...


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