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visory and Nominating Committee of Spanish 3 be empowered to appoint, and annually review the appointment of, an Editor and a Business Manager, and to supervise the operation of the Bulletin. These were the recommendations , and it was decided that the next day, during the luncheon (p. 26 of MLA program) the business concerning the Bulletin should be settled. After this general meeting, the Research Committee (Lope de Vega Bibliography) held a meeting chaired by Parker. The Chairman informed the members present that the Critical Bibliography has virtually been completed , that the last member to send in his contribution did so last June. He also informed us that Wade had some suggestions about means of publishing the Critical Bibliography for immediate use. Other suggestions were advanced by Poesse, Peyton, Fox, Tyler and myself. Parker took note of everything suggested and said he would get in touch with all concerned so as to reach an accord. At the luncheon meeting on December 28, with Wardropper again presiding, the recommendations made the previous day were accepted in principle, with only slight modification . 1) Pincus made, and Peyton seconded, the following motion, which was carried: that the Bulletin of the Comediantes continue in its present form. 2) I made, and Roaten seconded , the following motion, which was carried with a vote of 16 to 6: that the Advisory and Nominating Committee of Spanish 3 appoint (or re-appoint) for a one year term (with an annual review of appointment or re-appointment) an Editor for the Bulletin, the Editor to be free to choose his own Associate Editor and Business Manager. Among other points raised in the meeting, Olson suggested that the Advisory and Nominating Committee investigate possible sources of subsidy to support the Bulletin. In addition , Parker gave a progress report on the Lope project. Wardropper informed the group that the judgment of the MLA Program Committee, communicated to him in a letter by the MLA Executive Secretary, was that the papers presented so far had not been of sufficiently high quality to warrant lifting the group's probationary status. The meeting adjourned at a reasonable hour. Each of the three positions to be filled by the Advisory and Nominating Committee had two or more nominees . The voting was carried out by mail, and when finally I received the last ballots the results were as follows : 1)The new member of the Advisory and Nominating Committee is Robert R. Bishop. 2)The new Secretary to succeed Reichenberger is Warren T. McCready . 3)The new Editor of the Bulletin is William M. Whitby. By now I have received the letters of acceptance of all three. Finally, I quote from a letter sent me on April 10 by John Hurt Fisher, Executive Secretary of the Modern Language Association: "I am happy to tell you that the Executive Council, on 27 March, unanimously approved the Program Committee's recommendation that Spanish 3 be given permanent group status." Carlos Ortigoza (Indiana), Chm. Advisory and Nominating Committee MLA Spanish 3 Progress Report Spanish 3—MLA—Research Project : "A Critical Survey and Annotated Bibliography of Lope de Vega Studies from 1937 (Fichter) through 1961, with a Tentative Consideration 19 of the Quadricentennial Year, 1962." At the meeting of the Compilers held in Chicago on December 27, 1963, it was decided to proceed immediately to publish the manuscript by Xerox process, through the University of Toronto Press. The careful typing of the manuscript is being covered by grants in aid of research from the University of Toronto and Queen's University (a total of $375) . The processing of 500 copies, of about 200 pages, with paper binding and printed cover and title page, will be financed by Compilers, who will be reimbursed from future sales. During January-March, 1964, a great deal of material has been added to "1962", and the introductory essay has been polished up by Art Fox. The typist, Mrs. T. B. Barclay, a language specialist, has worked closely with the University of Toronto Press, and is proceeding with the preparation of the copy for photography. The whole project has been greatly improved in every way, through additions, corrections and the ironing out of inconsistencies . The...


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