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The Committee is working toward the following objectives: 1.Compilation of a bibliography, as complete as possible, of all studies of Lope de Vega and his works (all genres) for the years 1937-1961. 2.Formulation of critical comment for each of the items recorded, including judgments of book reviews and review articles. 3.Inclusion of a critical running comment on the achievements and deficiencies of Lope scholarship during the twenty-five years of investigation covered by the project. Terminal date for completion of research and compilation is September 30 of this year. We hope to be able to announce plans for publication at our annual meeting in December, in Washington. Support for publication is being sought with the MLA Monograph Series, and also with ACLS. Not unrelated to the foregoing is the plan for a book exhibit at MLA meeting in Washington . Every effort has been made, via approaches to foundations, funds, and societies, to obtain a grant to cover our combined Quadricentennial activities. Only the research project, it seems, has any chance of financial support from institutions outside our own Group. Accordingly, the expense of renting cases, providing guard service and insurance, must fall directly on us, if we are to have a Lope book and manuscript exhibit. How about it? Will you send two or three dollars to Prof. Warren T. McCready, chairman of the Bibliography and Exhibit Committee, University of Toronto, as your vote and support for this undertaking? Some valuable and interesting things will be brought to Washington and exhibited if we can finance this undertaking. If you contribute , and if not enough money is forthcoming to realize the project, your contribution will be refunded. Myron A. Peyton, Chairman Ad hoc Committee Lope Quadricentennial A Current Bibliography of Foreign Publications Dealing with the Comedia Compiled by Warren T. McCready University of Toronto Robert R. Bishop Lafayette College 1962—1 Miscellaneous [Almeida, Renato] Estudos e ensaios folcloricos em homenagem a Renato Almeida. Rio de Janeiro, Ministerio das Relaçoes Exteriores , 1960. [Includes: Rebelo Bonito, "Auto do Nascimento de Cristo, obra prima do teatro popular portugués"; Cecilia Meireles , "Urna antepassada da 'Donzela Guerreira .' "] Arce, Joaquín. "Un verso de Tasso en la poesía española (contribución al estudio del estilo prerromántico)." Filología moderna, I, 69-83. [Lope de Vega, Bartolomé Cairasco , Góngora, etc.] Castro, Americo. De la edad confiictiva. 1 : El drama de la honra en España y en su literatura . Madrid, Taurus. Pp. 221. Donovan, R. B. The Liturgical Drama in Spain. Toronto, 1958. Review by Juana José de Prades, Rev. de literatura, No. 35-36 (July-Dec, 1960), 185-87. ' Fernández Shaw, Guillermo. "Lo musical en nuestro teatro clásico." Abside, XXV, 180-200. Frieiro, Eduardo. O Alegre Arcipreste e Outros Temas de Literatura Espanhola. Belo Horizonte, Ed. da Livraria Oscar Nicolai, 1959. Pp. 294. [Lope de Vega, Lazarillo de Tormes, Macias] Review by Armando Correla Pacheco, Rev. lnteram. de Bibliografia, X (1960), 284-86. Garasa, Delfín Leocadio. "Teatro y sociedad en el Siglo de Oro español." Universidad (Santa Fe, Argentina), No. 48 (AprilJune ), 107-28. Julia Martínez, Eduardo. "La Asunción de la Virgen y el teatro primitivo español." 17 Boletín de la Real Academia EspañoL·, XLI, 179-334. Molinaro, J. ?., Parker, J. H. and Rugg, Evelyn (eds.). A Bibliography of Comedias Sueltas in the University of Toronto Library. Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1959. Pp. 150. Review by Albert E. Sloman, Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, XXXVIII, 312-13. Reichenberger, Arnold G. "La comedia clásica española y el hombre del siglo XX." Filología moderna, I, 21-43. Simón Díaz, José. Bibliografía de L· literatura hispánico. Tomo VI. Madrid, C. S. I. C. Pp. xv, 940. Simón Díaz, José (ed.). "Textos dispersos de clásicos españoles: VIL Matos Fragoso ; VIH. Mira de Amescua." Revisto de literatura, No. 35-36 (July-Dec, 1960), 147-80. Soons, C. A. "Two historical comedias and the question of manierismo." Romanische Forschungen, LXXIII, 339-46. [Fuenteovejuna (Lope) and Antono García (Tirso)]. Comedia in America González Dávila, Gil. Teatro eclesiástico de la primitiva...


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