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non nasce da quella discordia Concors che lo psicologo sa cogliere nelle polidricità dell- 'animo umano, ma dalla pregiudiziale fedelt à ad una fissata linea di condotta" (op cit., p. 167).4 He likewise insists that love in Moreto's plays is, in effect, placed under the sway of reason, rather than being a force which refuses to be pigeonholed as Miss Kennedy contends.5 "Anche l'amore, dunque, per aver il diretto di cittadinanza nel composto mondo moretiano, deve salvaguardare la fondamental istanza del razionale decoro. Cosicché i vari casi si risolvono col trionfo dell'amore razionale. Non ci soffermemo ad esaminare particolarmente le molteplici situazioni del genere, in quanto si tratta di un motivo fin troppo evidente in moltissime commedie. Basti citare, oltre al capolavoro El desdén con el desdén, El poder de la amistad , La fuerza de la ley, Primero es la honra, El Licenciado Vidriero, Industrias contra finezas, Yo por vos y vos por otro, El defensor de su agravio, El Eneas de Dios, Fingir y amar, Hasta al fin nadie es dichoso, La gala de nadar, Amor y obligación, La negra por el honor, in cui il contrasto tra le due forme d'amore è motivo centrale dell- 'ntera commedia" (op. cit., p. 106). Throughout his book Mr. Caldera faithfully adheres to the purpose that he announces in his introduction, namely, that it is not his intention to try to discover new motifs in the plays of Moreto, but rather to relate those that have already been noted to the forces that have brought them into being , a problem which, he affirms with a good deal of justification, previous students of the drammatist have thus far treated inadequately . While in some respects it still does not displace Miss Kennedy's fine study, it is all in all an excellent contribution which has the effect of giving a greater unity and motivation to Moreto's dramatic production than we have been able to discern in it heretofore . NOTES 1.The Dramatic Art of Moreto. Northampton, Mass., 1932, p. 107. 2.See also p. 107. 3.There is also, of course, frequent agreement with her findings. Mr. Caldera likewise examines the views of Valbuena Prat, Gassier, VielCastel , Fernández Guerra y Orbe and other critics. 4.See also pp. 49, 53, 164-65. 5.Op. cit, p. 111. MLA Meeting Thursday, 28 Dec. 10:45-12 Spanish 3: The Spanish Comedia. Chairman, Everett W. Hesse, Univ. of Southern CaL; Secretary, Myron A. Peyton, Univ. of North Carolina. [Rm. 4] I. Topic for Discussion: "The 'Fall of Princes' Theme in Mira de Mescua." Discussants: 1."The Political Implications of Adversa fortuna," Nellie Sánchez, Wells Coll. (5 min.) 2."La rueda de la fortuna and El ejemplo mayor de la desdicha" John J. Reynolds, St. John's Univ. (5 min.) 3.K. L. Selig, Univ. of Minn, will comment on the papers. (5 min.) 4.Open Discussion (35 min.) II. Business (10 min.) 1.Elections of Officers. 2.Report of the Ad Hoc Committee . Advisory and Nominating Committee: Ch., Bruce W. Wardropper, The Johns Hopkins Univ. (61); Arnold G. Reichenberger , (61-62); B. B. Ashcom (61-63); Carlos Ortigoza (61-64); Robert Bininger (61-65). Publications Committee: Ch., Karl Selig, Univ. of Minn.; John E. Keller. Bibliography Committee: Ch., Warren T. McCready, Univ. of Toronto. Research Committee: Ch., Jack H. Parker, Univ. of Toronto; Gerald E. Wade; Carlos Ortigoza; Ramon Rozzell. Lope de Vega Ad Hoc Committee: Ch., Myron A. Peyton, Univ. of North Carolina . 1962 Officers: Cfairmm, Myron A. Peyton, University of North Carolina; Secretary, Bruce V/. Wardropper, TL· Johns Hopkins Univ. (Nominations to be voted on.) Suggested Readings Mira de Mescua La segunda de don Aluaro [Adversa fortuna de don Alvaro de Luna~\, ed. de N. E. Sánchez-Arce. Mexico, 1960. Pròspera fortuna de don Alvaro de Luna, in Tirso de Molina, Obras completas, edici ón de Elanca de los Ríos Lampérez, Madrid , 19+6, Vol. I. El ejemplo mayor de la desdicha. Clás. Cast. # 82. La rueda de la fortuna. BAE., Voi. 45. Margaret Wilson, "La pròspera fortuna de don Alvaro de Luna: An Outstanding Work by Mira...


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