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could be reserved only for the exceptional, even when the combination is of two strong vowels: crueldad, saltëamL·ntos. In cases two and three, a two-syllable use being the normal, a ligature could indicate synaeresis, preferably of the type: había, leal. If it is placed under the word, it will not interfere with the acute accent mark used to indicate the stressed weak vowel. In cases four and five, a diéresis could be used to indicate a two-syllable use of the vowel combination, weak-stressed strong and weak-weak (the writer believes that diéresis almost never occurs in the combination, stressed strong-weak). There is a considerable group of words of the criar and huir types, in which the combination is almost invariably of two syllables, but the total number of appearances of this type of word is considerably less than of those in which the respective combinations are of one syllable. As a result words similar to the following would appear with diéresis: cruel, criar, graduar, huir. There still remain two minor problems. One is the use of diéresis in such words as averigüe, in which it indicates only that the u is pronounced and not that it forms another syllable. But it is believed that such words are few and the use of diéresis in them would not be confused with that which indicates another syllable. The second one is the intervocalic h. In the autographs of Lope, for example, there appear -aho-rcado and a-hcrcaban, tra-hen, and tr-ahe-n. It is suggested that the h be considered as normally dividing the vowels into two syllables and where it does not, that a ligature be employed: ahorcado, traben. The suggestions1 offered probably do not cover all the problems, indeed they may raise new ones, but they are presented as a possible start. Certainly no usage should be accepted until all possibilities and difficulties have been discussed and a solution or method acceptable to most editors agreed upon. 1 Although hiatus and synaloepha have not been discussed in these notes it might be suggested, since they are a related problem, that inasmuch as synaloepha between a final vowel and an initial one is : much more frequent than is hiatus, synaloepha be assumed and hiatus be indicated by a diagonal: te I hace, la I higa. More on Monroy My short study of Monroy y Silva in the Bulletin for Spring, 1953 offered a list of the location of his plays in several of the world's libraries. This list, admittedly incomplete , needs supplementing by interested students of Monroy. Since its appearance, Professor Charles P. Wagner has kindly supplied the titles of a number of uncatalogued sueltas in the University of Michigan library: La batalla de Pavía (Sanz, 1731), El encanto por los celos (Sevilla, Vazquez), Lo que puede el desengaño (Sevilla, Padrino), Las mocedades del duque de Osuna (Sevilla, Vallestilla . Also another edition, Valencia, Orga, 1762), El ofensor de sí mismo (Sevilla, Padrino), Los tres soles de Madrid (Valencia, Orga, 1761), two copies of Los zelos de San Joseph (Barcelona, Centené-Serra). Professor Wagner has a personal copy of "an old suelta, imperfect, probably 17th century, of Embidias vencen fortunas, n.p.n.d." I should like also to express my gratitude to Professor William A. McKnight of the University of North Carolina; it was his generous examining of the uncatalogued titles of plays in that University's library that made possible their appearance in my original article .—Gerald E. Wade. The Comediantes luncheon will take place at Foley's Steak House, 61 East Adams, Chicago , one block from the Palmer House at 12:30 P.M. on Tuesday, December 29. Reservations should be sent at once to Prof. Gerald E. Wade, University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Comediantes Meeting: Tuesday, December 29, 1953 in conjunction with the MLA convention in Chicago. There will also be a luncheon at noon, the details of which will be sent you later. 32 ...


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