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  • Proposed Guidelines for the Participation of Persons with Dementia as Research Subjects
  • Edward W. Keyserlingk, Kathleen Glass, Sandra Kogan, and Serge Gauthier
Edward W. Keyserlingk and Kathleen Glass
McGill University Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law, 3690 Peel Street, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3A IW9
Sandra Kogan and Serge Gauthier
McGill University Centre for Studies in Aging, St. Mary's Hospital, 3830 Lacombe, Annex Bldg. Room 1712, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3T 1M5


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Participants in Consultation Sessions

  • H. Brassard (law, public guardianship)

  • M. Burgess (philosophy, ethics)

  • A. M. Clarfield (geriatric medicine)

  • M. Cole (psychiatry)

  • D. Dastoor (Alzheimer's society)

  • P. Deschamps (law)

  • B. Dickens (law)

  • H. Frank (medicine, research ethics)

  • B. Freedman (philosophy, ethics)

  • S. Gauthier (medicine, geriatrics)

  • K. C. Glass (law, ethics)

  • C. Goresky (medicine...


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