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IT HAS BEEN SAID and collected by MARK W. RAVERA "Judas wasn't a bad boy—he just ran around with the wrong crowd."—Mrs. Iscariot "That stand of trees would be a good place for a mini-mall, that swamp could be filled in for the parking lot, and the valley in back would be perfect for a landfill!"—John Muir's evil twin brother, Jake "To be or not to be! Whether 'tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to hire someone else to deal with it . . . ."—Hamlet's evil twin brother, Omlet "To raise money for the scholarship fund, the Genetics department will be holding a sister chromatid exchange next Thursday."—University Press Release "That's not pain. It's just the pressure of the drill bit on the exposed nerve."—My former dentist "Child? What child?"—Our former babysitter "Kind sir, would you know where a maiden could have an axe sharpened in this town?"—Lizzie Borden "Believe me, no-one will want to read about some psychotic sea captain chasing an albino whale!"—Herman Melville's first publisher "I have serious doubts about the bicycle shop that Wilbur and Orville are opening. Personally, I don't think that it will ever get off of the ground."—Mrs. Wright "I'm feeling a bit flushed."—Thomas Crapper Material appearing under this title is collected with the aim of making the serious a bit less serious, the ponderous a bit less heavy, and the reading hours a bit more fun. Toward this goal we invite a guest editor of this feature for each issue. Will readers volunteer to share their senses of humor by collecting or recollecting items that have brought smiles to their faces? We invite your participation. Originals are also welcomed. 460 It Has Been Said ...


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