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PERSPECTIVES IN BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE Volume 37 ¦ Number I ¦ Autumn 1993 THE ROLE OF THE BALL: A CONTEST One person at Perspectives is interested in the importance of the ball—be it small or large, round or oval, hard, elastic, or soft. Bouncing, kicking, hitting, catching, pitching—all are part of the picture. Children at a very early age give rise to their first smiles over a round terry cloth shape that rolls either to or away from them. Soon after that, it is bouncing, bouncing, and everlasting bouncing—either solo or with a group—for just a short time or for endless hours. This leads to possible participation in many games—baseball, basketball, football , tennis, golf, soccer, Rugby, lacrosse, billiards, ping-pong, bowling (balls created from various materials, and of all sizes). In addition to participation, there is the exciting world of spectator sports, in which everyone plays a part. An individual's active role changes and possibly culminates in the Chinese health ball—iron but round, believed by some to be a cure for assorted ailments. Why is the ball so much a part of our lives? Is it neurologically developmental, psychologically relaxing or stimulating; is it the shape, the size, the texture; or is it just plain fun? What is the fascination? We would like your thoughts on "the role or roll of the ball" and invite your participation in a minicompetition. Send us an essay, not to exceed a thousand words byJune 30, 1994. The editorial board will judge the best entries which will be published. Winners will be awarded a two-year extension of their present PBM subscription. Humorous as well as serious considerations of this subject are welcome. No references required—just your own reflections! Perspectives in Biology andMedicine, 37, 1 ¦ Autumn 1993 | 1 ...


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