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THE FOLLOWING IS A LIST OF THE TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR 20 YEARS OF FILM & HISTORY. A comprehensive index is planned for the end of 1992 Volume I. Numbers 1-4. 1971 (Bound in one issue) Number 1 Statement of Purpose adopted by the Historians Film Committee, December 29, 19701 Film News: AHA Feature Film Project; Computers and Film Research; British Films 4 Martin A. JacL·on. (Book Review) Films Beget Films by Jay Leyda (1964)5 Source Notes: Sources of Film and Ideas for their Effective Use6 Film Reviews: A Child is Dying; Williamsburg: The Story of a Patriot; Dürer and the Renaissance; Night and Fog7 Number 2 Film News: The Matsunaga Bill, HR351 Source Notes: Guides to educational films and filmstrips2 Film Reviews: The World Turned Upside Down: The Blue Angel; The Life ofEmile Zola 4 Number 3 Questionnaire Report on use of film by members of the Historians Film Committee1 Film News: Introduction of Bill HR 9700 (a National Film Center and Archive); the American Anthropological Association and Ethnographic Film Program3 Source Notes: The British Universities Film Council, and the journal University Vision 4 Film Reviews: OfPeoples And a Vision; The Spanish Armada; The Twisted Cross; You Are There: The Salem Witch Trials; Truman versus McArthur; The Inheritance; 6 The Forgotten American Number 4 Michael Wreszin. An Essay on Joe Hill1 Film News: Reports on Documentary symposiums and workshops2 Source Notes: List of University Media Centers4 Film Reviews: Yankee Doodle Dandy; The Migrant; Decision to Drop the Bomb7 Volume II. Number 1. 1972 Melvin Small. Motion Pictures and the Study of Attitudes: Some Problems for Historians1 John E. O'Connor. The Documentary Film For Historians: An Appreciation of Public Television6 Louis Hanke & Jane M. Lay. Films on Latin America: A Project13 Dennis Rubini. History through Film: Issues in Western Tradition at Temple University15 Gerald Herman. (Film Review) Nicholas and Alexandra (1971)23 Robert Horowitz. (Film Review) Sacco and Venzetti (1970)27 Films for the Classroom: Five "capsule" film reviews29 28 Volume II. Number 2. 1972 Patrick Griffin. Film Document and the Historian1 Patrick Griffin. The Making of Goodbye Billy6 David Schoenbaum. Kuhle Wampe: An Expression of Communism in the Weimar Republic11 Thomas Cripps. Circumstances Within Our Control: Television as a Synthesizer of Multi-Media Teaching Resources18 Taylor Stults. History Through Film: The Teacher23 Barbara Humphrys. The Archivist27 Martin Ja^on. (Film Review) The Sorrow and the Pity (1970)35 Jack Mazelis. (Film Review) Russia (1971)36 Films for the Classroom: Four "capsule" film reviews40 Volume II. Number 3. 1972 Dan. J. Leab. From Sambo to Super Spade: The Black in Film1 William T. Murphy. Film at the National Archives: A Reference Article7 Stuart Samuels. History through Film: Film as Social and Intellectual History at the University of Pennsylvania14 Martin Jackson. (Film Review) Charge of the Light Brigade (1936)24 Films For the Classroom: Six "capsule" film reviews26 Volume II. Number 4. 1972 Arthur Smith. Filming the Past at Colonial Williamsburg1 Rolf Schuursma. Film & History in the Netherlands10 Gerald Herman. History through Film: Making Multi-Media Lectures for Classroom Use17 Michael Ebner. (Film Review) The Emigrants (1970)27 Alan Landau. (Film Review) Patton (1970)30 Films for the Classroom: Five "capsule" film reviews33 Frances Thorpe. The Slade Film History Register36 Volume III. Number 1. 1973 Anthony Alágate. British Newsreels and the Spanish Civil War1 Richard Sorrell. History through Film: Films and American Civilization at Brookdale Community College9 Donald Godfrey. History Held a Microphone13 Steven Levine. (Film Review) The Longest Day (1962)19 Films for the Classroom: Four "capsule" film reviews22 Volume III. Number 2. 1973 Richard Oehling. Germans in Hollywood Films: The Changing Image 1914-19391 Gary Gilson. Film & History Interview: Costa GavrasH Claire Hirshfield. History Through Film: Film and American History at Perm State21 Jack Shadoian. (Book Review) The Celluloid Weapon: Social Comment in the American Film by David Manning & Richard Averson (1972)27 Alan Levin. (Film Review) State ofSiege (1973)33 Films for the Classroom: Two "capsule" film reviews38 Volume IH. Number 3. 1973 Peter Rollins & Harris J. Elder. Environmental History in Two New Deal Documentaries 1 Vernon O. Stumpf. Film Propaganda & British Film8 Eugene PA. Schieb. Modern War and Its Images12 James C. Curtis...


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