After the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade, slaves continued to be generated in the Igbo Hinterland by intergroup conflicts, judicial incriminations, and oracular decrees for its internal market. The town of Arochukwu emerged as the chief source of slaves throughout Igboland. The town's leaders' genius was their control over the famous Ibinikpuabi or Long Juju Oracle—a medium by which people were collected for the slave trade. As middlemen, the Aro relied on a professional alliance with the Nike, and together these "headmen" terrorized village upon village, devastating the social and political fabric of the Igbo communities they confronted. In this article, the author explores three interconnected and related themes: first, the role of Aro and Nike slave-raiding, as well as Igbo religion/spirituality, in the creation of "wives" of Adoro, a medicine that evolved into a diety; second, Adoro's role in the reconstruction of a northern Igbo town, Alor-Uno; and third, European and indigenous attempts to annihilate her.


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