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38 BULLETIN OF FRIENDS' HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION Prologue : Selected stanzas from Whittier's poem, " The King's Missive," by The Spirit of Truth. Scene I. Governor Endicott's Council Chamber, in Boston, Scene II. The King's Council Chamber, in London. Scene III. Governor Endicott's Council Chamber, in Boston. ITEMS FROM PERIODICALS Friends' Intelligencer —Reference was made in an earlier Bulletin to the article by Edith Philips on " Le Personage du Quaker sur la Scène Française." In the issue of 9 mo. 20, 1930, p. 745, there is an interesting review of this article. —A brief historical sketch of Old Haverford Friends' Meeting is given in the issue of 10 mo. 11, 1930, p. 808. —On Tenth Month 8, 1780, the first session of Menallen Monthly Meeting was held in Adams County, Pennsylvania. It was made up of Irish Quakers, among whom were found the family names of Blackburn, Cook, Garrettson, Griest, Harris, Hutton, Wilson, Wright, and Wierman. The 150th anniversary of this meeting was recently commemorated by many descendants of the same families and by others, numbering in all over 500 people, who met at Menallen Meeting House, Flora Dale, Pennsylvania.— 10 mo. 25, 1930, p. 852. —A new building at Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio, is called " Rockford," in memory of William P. and Emma C. Bancroft, of Wilmington , Delaware. The building takes its name from the home of these Friends in Wilmington, and is meant to provide a place for quiet meditation for those who desire to renew their strength in periods of silent thought. The picture of the new building is given in the issue of 11 mo. 1, 1930, p. 872. —Several hundred persons participated on Tenth Month 26, 1930, in the ceremonies attending the unveiling in Friends' Burying Ground, Burlington , N. J., of a monument at the grave of Chief Ockanickon, said to be the first New Jersey Indian to become a Christian. Amelia Mott Gummere spoke on " The Life of the Indians and Early Settlers of Burlington County."—11 mo. 15, 1930, p. 913. —An interesting picture is presented showing Lydia H. Hall, Helen G. Longstreth, Rachel W. Hillborn, Susan Roberts, Susan Parrish, and Louisa J. Roberts. These Friends are shown seated around a table, as they formerly gathered as Associate Editors of Friends' Intelligencer. Interesting ITEMS FROM PERIODICALS39 and valuable historical items are given in connection with the illustration.— 11 mo. 29, 1930, p. 956. —A playlet by Edith Lombard Squires, entitled " The Lighted Soul," is printed in the issue of 12 mo. 6, 1930, pp. 970-972. It is the story of John and Elizabeth Estaugh, and illustrates the friendly relations between Friends and the Indians. Another interesting playlet by the same author is printed in the issue of 1 mo. 10, 1931, pp. 31-32. This story has to do with Mrs. Levi Coffin, Ann White, and the work of Friends in the Underground Railroad. —In the issue of 12 mo. 20, 1930, pp. 1021-1022, there is a valuable biographical sketch and picture of Dr. O. Edward Janney, of Baltimore. He was born in Washington, D. C, on 3 mo. 8, 1856, and died at his home in Baltimore on 11 mo. 17, 1930. Few Friends of his generation were more active and more completely dedicated to religious and philanthropic work than was Dr. Janney. —Another Quaker centenarian has just passed away. Oliver Griffith Cope, of Harrisville, Ohio, died on Second Month 14, 1931, aged 100 years, 6 months and 3 days. He was a birthright member of Short Creek Quarterly Meeting of Ohio Yearly Meeting of Friends.—3 mo. 28, 1931, p. 279. The Friend (Philadelphia) —Historical notes on the founding, development, and outstanding graduates of Friends' Boarding School, Barnesville, Ohio.—10 mo. 2, 1930, pp. 159-160. —Historical data concerning the Friends' Meeting House at Arney's Mount in Burlington County, New Jersey, six miles from the county seat, Mount Holly. Friends settled in this neighborhood in 1743, and the place was formerly known as Shreve's Mount, Mount Holly, or the Mount. In 1776 Arney's Mount meeting contained 104 members.—10 mo. 30, 1930, pp. 206-207. —A valuable biographical sketch of Charles...


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