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24 BULLETIN OF FRIENDS' HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION Samuel Allinson, as the lawyer tor this company, had the custody of these papers, which remained in the family after his death until the present time. Their value increases with the years, and the future historian of colonial affairs will acknowledge his debt to Miss Allinson, the lawyer's descendant. FRIENDS' MANUSCRIPT MEETING RECORDS Friends Historical Library at Swarthmore College is gradually assembling, in its spacious new fireproof building of stone and steel, the original record-books of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (Race Street) and its constituent meetings. The custodian of Friends' records at 302 Arch Street, and the Friends' librarian at Swarthmore, are working together to keep a complete list of all records in possession of the two repositories, so as to aid inquirers in quest of historical data, ancestral family lines, etc. The following meetings are represented at present in the collection at Swarthmore (with others being added from time to time) : Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. Quarterly Meetings of Abington, Burlington, Cain, Concord, Haddonfield, Third Haven, Western. Monthly Meetings of Bradford, Burlington, Camden, Catawissa, Cecil, Chester (N. J.), Chester (Penna.), Concord, Darby, Duck Creek, Evesham, Fishing Creek, Greenwich, Gwynedd, Haddonfield , Haverford, Horsham, Kingwood, London Grove, Medford, Muncy, Mutherkiln, New Garden, Philadelphia, Radnor, Richland , Roaring Creek, Sadsbury, Spruce Street (Phila.), Upper Evesham, Upper Springfield, Uwchlan, Wilmington. Preparative Meetings of Alloway's Creek, Ancocas, Bart, Cain, Cambridge, Catawissa, Chester (N. J.), Columbia, Doe Run, Evesham, Fallowfield, Germantown, Greenwich, Gwynedd, Haddonfield , Haverford, Horsham, Kingwood, Medford, Merion, Mount, Mount Holly, New Garden, Newton, Norristown, Old Springfield, Pikeland, Plymouth, Providence, Radnor, Richland, Sadsbury, Shamokin, Spruce Street (Phila.), Upper Dublin, Upper Evesham, Valley, Vincentown, Warminster. As has been said of the record-books of one of the old meetings, FRANKFORD MEETING RECORDS25 so might it be said of most of these ancient records, in their portly old leather-clad volumes,— New Garden clerks all wrote a good hand, Clear and easy to understand. Many a well-loved name is there On these creamy pages broad and fair,— Dear good Friends of a bygone day Whose memories live in these books for aye. J. Russell Hayes, Librarian MEETING RECORDS OF FRANKFORD MONTHLY MEETING AND OXFORD-FRANKFORD PREPARATIVE MEETINGS, PENNSYLVANIA Note : The following list was supplied to the Bulletin through the kindness of our fellow member and Director, Walter Brinton. It was compiled by authority of a minute of Frankford Monthly Meeting dated Third Month 26th, 1930. The records were placed in the vault at 302 Arch Street, Philadelphia, in the Sixth Month, 1930. The complete list is printed here for future reference and as an example of the type of manuscript records now being accumulated at Arch Street and at Swarthmore College.—Editor. List of Records Belonging to Frankford Monthly and Oxford-Frankford Preparative Meetings. Compiled by Authority of a Minute of Frankford Monthly Meeting Dated 3-26-1930 and Placed in Depository at 302 Arch Street, Philadelphia, 6th Mo. 1930 Contents of Metal Box " A " No. 1 Oxford Preparative Meeting minute book (men), 5-19-1772 to 12-23-1794. List of Contributors and Treasurer's account in back of book extending from 5-25-1772 to 8-23-1796. (no index) No. 2 Oxford and Frankford Preparative Meeting minute book (men), 12-231794 to 8-20-1805. From this last date the minutes continue under the name of Frankford Preparative Meeting to 4-11-1820. (no index) No. 3 Frankford Preparative Meeting minute book (men), 5-16-1820 to 5-14-1885. (no index) No. 4 Minutes of Meetings of Ministers and Elders of Frankford Preparative Meeting, 4-30-1816 to 10-24-1883. (no index) ...


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