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New building of the Historical Society of Frankford (with adjoining buildings blocked out) FRANKFORD HISTORICAL SOCIETY19 bought of T. Story in Lancaster County, and by the care of some persons whom I Desire to overlook it, it has not suffered much as yet, and in order to secure it better for the future I have (as I proposed to thee) Layed it out on Lotts to severall persons who will have a more particular care over it, with an expectation of purchasing it when to be sold. The tract is Generally good and well-watered. I propose to go shortly (while the season is favorable) and Divide that Tract near the Manner of Gillberts, amongst the Settlers, being all in a manner settled already, which will hinder others from coming in amongst them as well as Prevent them from encroaching too near both which would be of an ill consequence to the Company's interest . . . . With respect, thy Reali Friend, William Rawle. Philada, Sept. 24th, 1760 Eliza. Estaugh, Respected Frd. The Proprietors of shares in the London Company having obtained an Act of Parliament whereby the Estate is vested in 9 Trustees (but one of which is of the late set) and the lands now being ordered to be sold at public vendue I here enclose thee a printed coppy of said Act for thy perusal which thee may keep if thee pleases. Thos. Hyam, tho not a Trustee is still the Manager. I have received a Power of Attorney from the new hands, and shall in our next advertise the intended sales as directed, it is all to be done by way of publick vendue whereby the former Covenants of the Agents to give the Tenants the refusal is overlooked, which I am apprehensive will be the occasion of much trouble and contention, tho too few of them have performed their covenants with the Trustees. I have wrote as heartily as they could themselves to have allowance made where there are reali improvements which is all the favor that they can possibly be obliged with under this Act. As thee is well acquainted with the nature of the Leases granted to the Tenants I should be glad of thy Sentiments respecting the equity of the publick Sale and am respectfully thy assured Friend, Francis Rawle. NEW HOME OF THE HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF FRANKFORD By Caroline W. Smedley, Secretary The Historical Society of Frankford is entering upon a new chapter in its history with the completion of its beautiful new building, and the arrangement of the large collection of books, manuscripts, pictures, photographs and relics in the new quarters assigned to them. The splendid structure, which is modernly equipped, and fireproof throughout, is the gift of William Henry Smedley, a vicepresident of the Society, who has erected the building as a memorial to his wife, Margaretta Garsed Smedley, and to his brother, Franklin Smedley, a former president and benefactor of the Society. 20 BULLETIN OF FRIENDS' HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION The architecture is of pure Georgian style, and with the beautiful " Allengrove Portal," saved from a century old mansion, used as a doorway to the wing of the building, one is reminded of the colonial beauty of the Independence Group in Philadelphia. The main building is two and a half stories in height, with an adjoining wing of one story and a half, and the construction is of brick and stone with a slate roof. Upon entering, one finds to the left of the lobby the cosy room set apart for the use of the secretary in transacting the business of the Society. On the right is a large and dignified room for the use of the officers and directors. Over the fireplaces in the two rooms, are beautiful carved colonial mantels that once graced the splendid country seat of the Wains, at Wain Grove. Straight ahead lies the spacious and lofty Assembly Room. Wide stairways to the left lead down to the Exhibition Room whose more than six thousand square feet of floor space makes possible an attractive display of many relics, illustrative of social life and progress during more than two centuries of development in this vicinity. Above stairs, another...


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