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22 BULLETIN OF FRIENDS' HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. THE ANNUAL MEETING. The annual meeting of Friends' Historical Association was held in the Friends' Meeting House, Sixteenth and Race Streets, Philadelphia, Eleventh Month 24th, 1924. Aside from routine business several matters of especial interest came before the meeting. A resolution was passed commending the efforts of the Public Ledger, of Philadelphia, to secure funds for purchasing the original Charter of Pennsylvania granted by William Penn in 1682. It was also voted to address a special notice to the members of the Association asking them to contribute to the fund. (See note, p. 46 below). In connection with the proposed celebration on 12 mo. 2d and 3d, 1924, of the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, the following resolution was unanimously carried: "Resolved, That expressions of congratulation and good will be sent to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, now a century old, and that the following message be delivered by President Lucy B. Roberts: "Friends Historical Association, incorporated fifty years ago, and having a membership of men and women from various states of the Union, sends this message to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania : " Resolved, That expressions of congratulation and good will be sent to your century old Society. You stand as a bulwark against the devastating losses that often come with time. "To you and to your predecessors large measure of praise is due for your faithful service in so many branches of history. We would particularly note your valuable records pertaining to William Penn and his founding of the Province of Pennsylvania. "Through all these years you have gathered the facts of history and you are always ready in every way to help the seeker after knowledge." The Curator of the Association, Jane Moon Snipes, reported that the documents and relics of the Association had been placed in the fire-proof room of Friends' Library, 142 North Sixteenth Street, Philadelphia. Howard W. Taylor presented to the Association, by the hand of Watson W. Dewees, the original Minute Book of the Board of Managers of the Free Produce Association. This was an association for promoting the use of goods produced by free rather than slave labor. Hugh S. Walker presented a lease for a piece of ground on Sassafras Street, Philadelphia, dated March 23, 1735. The lease was by Joseph Lynn and wife to Joseph Pinyard. The annual report of the President of the Association was of peculiar interest . Lucy B. Roberts became President of Friends' Historical Society of Philadelphia in 1919. She served that Society until 1923 when it merged with the older Friends' Historical Association. From 1923 she served as the efficient President of the latter Association. Feeling that she must now retire from the office, she reviewed in her annual report the work of the Society and the Association during her incumbency. It was a story of much constructive achievement , and was listened to with attentive interest by those present. MARKING HISTORIC SITES IN PENNSYLVANIA.23 Before the close of the meeting several members expressed their great appreciation of the services of Lucy B. Roberts to the Association. Following the report of the Nominating Committee the Directors of the Association for the ensuing year were elected. President W. W. Comfort, of Haverford College, then read his paper entitled "Some Stage Quakers," which is printed above in this Bulletin. It was interesting and, passim, diverting. Withal it was a real contribution to Quaker history. DIRECTORS' MEETING. At the rise of the Annual Meeting the new Directors of the Association met and, in accordance with the Constitution, elected officers "alike of the Association and of the Directors" to serve for one year. (See p. ii above.) Proposed Change in the Constitution. At a stated meeting of the Directors of Friends' Historical Association held First Month 15, 1925, it was determined to recommend to the members that Article III of the Constitution be amended by the addition of the words: "or by the written assent of the President, Secretary, and Chairman of the Membership Committee." This would enable the Association to elect candidates for membership more promptly,—as the Directors hold only three stated meetings each year...


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