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INDEX. 163 Index Bulletin of Friends' Historical Society of Philadelphia. Vols. 3 and 4. 1909—1912. Address of Canadian Friends to Lord Durham.IV, 133 Allen, M. A., Marriage. Simple Sketches of Christian Work and Travel.IV, 112 Annual Excursion Friends' Historical Society of Philadelphia, 1912.IV, 151 Annual Monitor for 1912. IV, 116 Anti-Slavery Friends, Indiana Yearly Meeting of. IV, 100 Baltimore, Conference of Friends, 1863.IV, 17-27 Baltimore Yearly Meeting, Transfers to Philadelphia in 1790 and 1819.Ill, 122 Barclay's Apology at the Peace Conference at Aix-La-Chapelle, 1748.Ill, 85 Barclay's Apology in 1700. IV, 54 Barclay, David.Ill, 104 Letter from.Ill, 106-111 Bartlett, J. Henry. John Dillingham .IV, 112 Beaconite Controversy, The. IV, 70 Beginnings of Quakerism. IV, 114 Bellows, Max. Dictionary of German-English and EnglishGerman .IV, 159 Birrell, Augustine. On the Friends.IV, 51 Blair's Mission to North Carolina .Ill, 19 Book for a Rainy Day, A. Ill, 50 Boston, Early Meeting Place for Friends.IV, 56, 58 Boweter, John.Ill, 131 Boweter's, John. "Testimony Concerning George Fox." in. 143 Braithwaite, Joseph Bevan, Life oil III, 14s, 146 Braithwaite, William C. Ill, 14s Braithwaite, William C. The Beginnings of Quakerism. IV, 114 Bull, Joshua.IV, 133 Byrd, Colonel William and the Quakers.Ill, 15 Canadian Friends, Address to Lord Durham, 1838. IV, 133 Canby, Henry Seidel. The People Called Quakers.IV, 157 Catalogue, A, of "Eighty-seven Publick Ffriends yt have dyed in Pensilvania Since ye first Settlement of Friends there." I. IV, 140 Certifying Meeting Houses. III,102 Christian Practice, Part II, Discipline of London Yearly Meeting. IV,iss Christianity and Business. IV, 155 Civil War, Northern Friends and Conscription Acts. IV, 12-17 Clapp, Benjamin.Ill, 53 Clark, Henry W. History of English Nonconformity. IV, 116 Coddington, William. Ill, 101 IÓ4 INDEX. Coffin, Charles F.Ill, 91, IV, 100 Collections in Friends' Meetings. 111,99 Collins, Charles.Ill, 51 Conference of Friends Held in Baltimore, 1863.IV, 17-27 Conscription Acts During Civil War and Northern Friends. IV, 12-17 Conscription Bill.IV, 14 Cooledge, Daniel.IV, 162 Cope, Gilbert.Ill, 50, 51, m Cowperthwait, Hugh. Ill, 53 Crosfield, Joseph.Ill, 115 Letter from.115-121 Crawshaw, M. Ethel. IV, 137 Crosfield, A. J., and G. The Man in Shining Armor.IV, 111 Delaware, Early Pennsylvania, West New Jersey, Narratives of.IV, 158 Dewees, Watson W. Walking Purchase.IV, 124, 151 Dinidock, Tinicum or Tineconk. IV, 44 Discipline, Christian, of London Yearly Meeting, Part II, Christian Practice.IV, 155 Discipline of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.IV, 48 Dictionary of German-English and English-German.YV, 159 Dillingham, John H.IV, 112 Dorothy Payne, Quakeress. IV, 47 Drinker and James.Ill, 21 Dutch Testament, George Fox's. ??, 156 Durham, Lord, Canadian Friends Address to.IV, 133 Elisabeth Fry.IV, 47 Encyclopaedia Britannica nth Edition.IV, 49 Enrollment Bill.IV, 16 Estaugh, John, Marriage Certificate of.Ill, 71 Evolution and Empire. IV, 157 Ewer, Robert.Ill, 101 Exhibition, Annual Meeting, 1910.Ill, 157-160 Extracts from State Papers relating to Friends. Third Series. IV, 156 Feake, Hannah.Ill, 51, 52 Fothergill's, Dr., Advice to Philadelphia Friends. Ill, 104 Fox, George, Aufzeichnungen und Briefe des ersten Quakers. ??, I4S His Dutch Testament. Ill, 156 John Boweter's Testimony Concerning.Ill, 143 Journal of. " The Cambridge Edition."IV, no The " Short Journal " of. IV, 119 Lot in Philadelphia. Ill, 100 On Fixed Prices.Ill, 152 Writing desk.IV, 161 Fox, George. H. G. Wood. IV, 159 Friends, Ancient and Modern. ??, 145 Friends, Anti-Slavery. IV, 100 Friends in America, Number of, 1845.IV, 43 Friends, Early, Marriages Among.IV, 161 Friends' Historical Society, London, Journal of. Ill, 153, IV, 48,119 Friends' Historical Society of Philadelphia. Annual Meetings, 1009, III, 54; 1910, 155; 1911, IV, 60; 1912, 120. Exhibitions. Ill, 157, IV, 62 Officers.Ill, 55; 161 Annual Excursion, 1912. IV, 151 INDEX. ios Friends' Meetings in America and John Boweter. Ill, 131 Friends' Meetings in Holland and Neighboring Countries. IV, 55 Friends' Meetings for Indians in State House at Philadelphia, 1759-IV, 117 Friends, Nantucket, in 1799 and 1809.Ill, 139 Friends' Tracts.Ill, 148 Friends...


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