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26BULLETIN OF FRIENDS' HISTORICAL SOCIETY. BOOKS, ETC., RECENTLY ISSUED, AND OF INTEREST TO FRIENDS. The Quakers in the Old Northwest. By Harlow Lindley, Director Department of Archives and History, Indiana State Library. Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association. Volume V. [1912]. 8vo. 15 pp. This short monograph by the Professor of History and Librarian of Earlham College, treats of a field in which there is still opportunity for much historical research. The " Old Northwest " means the old Northwest Territory, comprising the territory of the United States north of the Ohio River, east of the Mississippi, and west of New York and Pennsylvania. The paper is but a sketch, and a fuller treatment with references to authorities from the same pen would be acceptable. The Friends' Year-Book for 1913. Fifth Year of Issue. London : Headley Brothers, 13 Devonshire Street, Bishopsgate, E. C. Price, one shilling net. By post 1/2. i8mo, pp. 168. Though no editor's name appears on the title page, we learn from the list of "Periodical Publications ," page 124, that the editor is our friend Norman Penney, which is a guarantee that the work is well done. A hearty welcome is due this little volume, which is invaluable for all who wish accurate knowledge regarding present day Quakerism in Great Britain and Ireland. Information concerning all the fields of work, both at home and abroad, in which English and Irish Friends are interested can be found here, as well as many useful suggestions for organization and service in any field. Not only official but extra-official associations are given, some of which seem rather strange to American readers. Among these are Friends' Anti-Vivisection Association, Friends' League for Women 's Suffrage, Socialist Quaker Society, and Friends Vegetarian Society. The long list of official and extra-official committees, societies, associations, trusts and other organizations, affords a graphic picture of the wide interests and activities of British Friends. An interesting section of the Year Book is that entitled, " Notes on Recent Literature," by A. Neave Brayshaw, which gives a brief survey of books and papers by Friends, and those relating to Friendly interests. The Ejectment of 1662 and the free Churches. London. National Council of Evangelical Free Churches. i6mo, 143 pp., 1912. 1/. This little volume, issued on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the "Ejectment Act" of 1662 and its effect on the Free Churches of England, contains a number of references to the Friends of that period. The principal Non-conformist bodies of the day have separate chapters prepared by different hands, but the Friends "have no chapter in this BOOKS OF INTEREST TO FRIENDS.27 volume, for the Ejectment, as such, could not touch them; they had no minister to be ejected." The editor goes on to say: "But if they do not figure in 1662 among the ejected ones, what prison was not inhabited by them? Fines, banishment, insults, scourgings, shameful imprisonments—they never failed them, for more than twenty-five years." (p. 6). Again, "But as elsewhere so in Wales, in the roll of pure suffering between 1660 and 1683, the Friends have primacy of honor. On them were laid the heaviest crosses; they were the familiars of prison walls and the inheritors of prison disease—though prison is even too good a name for the noisome temporary cells where many of them were confined when the soldiers of good conscience had overcrowded ordinary jails." (p. 137). Teachers and Taught Text Books on Religious Education. Edited by S. Allen Warner. i6mo. London: Headley Brothers, 1912. 1/ each, cloth. Five volumes ready. This series is issued under the direction of the Friends First Day School Association. Various writers contribute to the work, not all Friends. The intrinsic value of such works can only be proved by actual use, but so far as a cursory examination can show, the design and execution are extremely good. The titles of the volumes are : Concerning Religious Education, S. Allen Warner, editor; Method in Religious Education, by Mildred F. Field; Period of the Patriarchs, by L. Isabel Harvey; The Period of the Exodus, by S. Allen Warner; The United Monarchy, by C. C. Graveson...


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