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-104IN MEMORIAM TO PROFESSOR TING-YEE KUO Professor Ting-yee Kuo, a renowned Chinese historian, who served as visiting professor and scholar in various American institutions including Harvard, Columbia, University of Washington and University of Hawaii, died Sunday, September 14, He was 71 years old. Professor Kuo, who was a member of Academia Sinica, the highest national distinction for a Chinese scholar, devoted his life to the promotion of Chinese historical studies, particularly in the history of modern China. Born at Wu-yang Hsien, Honan, China on January 12, 1904, Professor Kuo, once a student participant in the May Fourth Movement of 1919, vowed to apply new methods to historical studies. After his graduation from the Department of History of the National Southeast University, Nanking in 1926, he joined the faculty of the National Tsing-hua University, Peiping, where he introduced scientific theory and methodology to historical studies in China. Professor Kuo published the following academic works all in Chinese: Calendar of Tai-Ping-Tien-Kuo (1926), Modern Chinese History (1939-41), Chronology of Tai-Ping-Tien-Kuo (1946), Historical Taiwan (1953), General History of China (1953), History of Sino-Russian Relations (1955), Chronology of Modern China (1963), Chronological Biography of Kuo Sung-tao (1970). Frofessor Kuo founded the Institute of Modern History of Academic Sinica in 1955 and succeeded in making it an outstanding center for historical studies of modern China¬ę Under his direction and editorship (1955-1972), the institute published 29 monographs on various subjects of modern China, catalogues of Chinese diplomatic and economic archives covering the late Imperial and the e3rly Republican periods. -105Professor Kuo was noted for his efforts to promote international cultural and intellectual exchange. Under his direction, the Institute of Modern History exchanged research personnel and materials with many foreign institutions. In view of his life- long dedication to historical studies, his wide knowledge of the Chinese history and his firm belief in international cultural exchange, the passing of Professor Kuo is a loss to academic circles and to the promotion of friendship and mutual understanding among peoples in the world. Professor Kuo leaves his wife, the former Shin-yen Lee, a daughter, Chienchien , three sons, Jen-kai, Kenneth C. T. and King-wen, and 12 grandchildren. ...


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