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141 NEWS NOTES Symposium on Jesuits in China "East Meets Westt The Jesuits in China, 1582 to 1773" is the title of a symposium sponsored by Loyola University of Chicago commemorating the four hundredth anniversary of the arrival of Matteo Ricci in China. The symposium will be held at Loyola's Lake Shore Campus from Thursday, October 7 to Saturday, October 9, 1982. Jonathan Spence (Yale U.) will give the keynote lecture on Ricci. Three major sessions will deal with Jesuit activities in China, the Chinese reaction to the missionaries, and the Jesuits as interpreters of China to the West. For further information please contact Prof. Charles E. Ronan, S.J. or Prof. Bonnie B. Oh, Department of History, Loyola University, 6525 N. Sheridan Rd., Chicago, Illinois 60626 (phone 312-274-3000). **»·?**«»»* Taiping Series at Nanjing University The History Department at Nanjing University is planning a publication series on the Taipings. Scholarly articles as well as new primary materials will be included. Contributions in English (which will be translated at Nanjing for publication) are welcome, and a small royalty payable in books will be offered. Information about new primary materials in any language is also welcome. Please contact Professor Mao Jiaqi T * j.* of *he History Department.»?*»?**?»* New Japanese Journal on Modern China The Society for the History of Modern China announces the publication of a new Japanese-language journal, Chugoku kindaishi kenkvu ^"©j^^'-a. XW TjJ , which will be issued twice a year. The members of the Society are mainly students and ex-students of Professor Tanaka Masatoshi's graduate seminar at the University of Tokyo. The journal will reproduce rare source materials and catalogues as well as print articles by members and non-members. It is published by Kyuko ShoinJjL£* ^jJ , Iidabashi 2-5-4, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102. Volume I was published in July I98I and volume II will appear in February 1982. The price per volume is ¥1200 in Japan, ¥1420 in the U.S. and Canada (seamail postage included). Orders from institutions and libraries should be placed with your normal Japanese bookdealers. Orders from individuals should be mailed (together with a check in U.S. dollars made out to Linda Grove) to the following address: Linda Groye Dept. of Comparative Culture Sophia University 4 Yonbancho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 107 . Japan The articles in Volume I include "The Formation of 'Bayara' during the early Qing," "An Examination of Figures related to Land Tax during the Qing," "The Connection between the Godworshiping Religion, the God-worshiping Society, and the Hakka People," and "The 'Zhouzhuang Militia' and Tao Xu during the Taiping Revolution." 142 Commercial Activity in China's South-east. Ming and Qing Periods. Workshop held at Canberra, August 16-17, 1980, sponsored by the Department of Far Eastern History, Australian National University . Billy Kee-long So (ANU) , The expansion of maritime trade and ceramic manufacture in South Fujian from Sung to Yuan. John Guy (National Gallery of Victoria), The changing role of ceramics in Chinese overseas trade, 10th to 16th centuries. S. T. Leong (Univ. of Melbourne), Commercialization of highland agriculture in the south-east in Ming and Qing. Ng Chln-keong (ANU), A re-examination of the commercialization of agriculture in south Fujian, 1600-1800. Merrilyn Fitzpatrick, Piracy and the Zhejiang trade lobby, 1550-1580. Paul Rule (La Trobe Univ.), Macao to Nanjing in 1613« Francesco Sambiasi' s account. Antonia Finnane (ANU), Commercial activity in Yangzhou during the Qing dynasty. Jennifer Cushman (ANU), Siamese royal trade and the Chinese go-between, 1750-1850. Andrew Watson (Univ. of Adelaide), The role of transport in economic growth: traditional shipping on the Han River. (Further information may be obtained from Merrilyn Fitzpatrick, 136 Blarney Crescent, Campbell, A.C. T., Australia 2601.) ********** World Conference on Records. Salt Lake City, August 12-15, 1980 Family History for Chinese-Americans (807), by Jean B. Ohai Genealogy and Family History in Mongolia (809), by Paul V. Hyer and Sechin Jagchid Contracts and Other Old Documents as Sources for Family History and Genealogy in Taiwan (812), by Shih-ching Wang East Asian Family Sources 1 The Genealogical Society of Utah Collection. Panel (814), Ted A. Telford and Kenji Suzuki Chinese Clan Genealogies and...


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