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ANTHROPOLOGICAL LINGUISTICS Index to Volume 51 (2009) Articles BODEN, GERTRUD From Utility to Perceptual Salience: Cultural, Lexical, and Conceptual Change in the Southern Kalahari Landscape 303 BORDIN, GUY Lexical Discontinuities between Generations: Recent Inuit Cases from North Baffin Island 191 CONNELL, BRUCE Language Diversity and Language Choice: A View from a Cameroon Market 130 DÉSVEAUX, EMMANUEL, AND MICHEL DE FORNEL From Ojibwa to Dakota: Toward a Typology of Semantic Transformations in American Indian Languages 95 DIENST, STEFAN AND DAVID W. FLECK Pet Vocatives in Southwestern Amazonia 209 DODSWORTH, ROBIN See OWENS, JONATHAN FLECK, DAVID W. See DIENST, STEFAN FIELD, MARGARET C. Metaphor, Mythology, and a Navajo Verb: The Role of Cultural Constructs in the Lexicography of Endangered Languages 296 FORNEL, MICHEL DE See DÉSVEAUX, EMMANUEL HEATH, JEFFREY, AND LAURA MCPHERSON Cognitive Set and Lexicalization Strategy in Dogon Action Verbs 38 KOONTZ-GARBODEN, ANDREW Locative and Existential Constructions in Ulwa 244 KRACKE, WAUD H. Dream as Deceit, Dream as Truth: The Grammar of Telling Dreams 64 LESOURD, PHILIP S., AND CONOR MCDONOUGH QUINN How to Swear in Maliseet-Passamaquoddy and Penobscot 1 MCPHERSON, LAURA. See HEATH, JEFFREY. OWENS, JONATHAN, AND ROBIN DODSWORTH Stability in Subject-Verb Word Order: From Contemporary Arabian Peninsular Arabic to Biblical Aramaic 151 QUINN, CONOR MCDONOUGH. See LESOURD, PHILIP S. TUITE, KEVIN Agentless Transitive Verbs in Georgian 269 URBAN, MATTHIAS ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon’ in the Circum-Pacific Language Area 328 Book Reviews Balhar, Jan, and Pavel Janýák, editors Ýesky ß jazykovy ß atlas [Atlas of the Czech Language]. 5 vols. (ZDENEK SALZMANN) 188 ii INDEX 51 NOS. 3—4 Bielmeier, Roland, and Felix Haller, editors Linguistics of the Himalayas and Beyond (STEPHEN MOREY) 351 Brinkman, Raymond See Lyon, John Courtz, Hendrik A Carib Grammar and Dictionary (DORIS L. PAYNE) 82 de Rijk, Rudolf P. G. Standard Basque: A Progressive Grammar (JON ORTIZ DE URBINA) 86 Epps, Patience A Grammar of Hup (FRANK SEIFART) 176 Graczyk, Randolph A Grammar of Crow (WILLEM J. DE REUSE) 347 Greene-Wood, Rebecca See Lyon, John Hale, Austin, and Keda¤ r P. Shrestha New.r (Nep.l Bh.s.) (DAVID E. WATTERS) 89 Haller, Felix See Bielmeier, Roland Harlow, Ray M.ori: A Linguistic Introduction (ULRIKE MOSEL) 92 Harrison, K. David When Languages Die: The Extinction of the World’s Languages and the Erosion of Human Knowledge (LENORE A. GRENOBLE) 179 Heine, Bernd, and Derek Nurse, editors A Linguistic Geography of Africa (DAVID APPLEYARD) 185 Iskrova, Iskra See Valdman, Albert Janýák, Pavel See Balhar, Jan Kaye, Alan S., editor Morphologies of Asia and Africa. 2 vols. (PAUL D. KROEBER) 354 Lyon, John, and Rebecca Greene-Wood, editors; Raymond Brinkman Lawrence Nicodemus’s Coeur d’Alene Dictionary in Root Format (IVY DOAK) 78 Nurse, Derek See Heine, Bernd O’Neill, Sean Cultural Contact and Linguistic Relativity among the Indians of Northwestern California (THOMAS BUCKLEY) 182 Šatava, Leoš Jazyk a identita etnických menšin: moƒnosti zachování a revitalizace [Language and Identity of Ethnic Minorities: The Possibilities for Maintenance and Revitalization] (ZDENEK SALZMANN) 187 Shrestha, Keda¤ r P. See Hale, Austin Valdman, Albert, and Iskra Iskrova, editors Haitian Creole—English Bilingual Dictionary (JEAN-ROBERT CADELY) 350 ...


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