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  • Editors' Introduction
  • Jennifer L. Holberg and Marcy Taylor

As we close out this tenth-anniversary volume, we decided to forgo our usual introduction to say just one thing: thank you. As we have often discussed in these pages, the work of producing a journal is one of the most collaborative efforts that happens within English studies. Quite simply, scholarly publishing could not exist without the unpaid and usually largely invisible work of peer reviewers. And our reviewers are among the best. We are deeply grateful to the large number of colleagues who have assisted us as reviewers throughout these ten years. May the names of those who served in 2009 provide a small indicator of the massive debt we owe.

  • Linda Adler-Kassner

    Ronnie Apter

    William Baker

    Jennifer Beech

    Linda Bergmann

    Ari Berk

    Patrick Bizzaro

    Glenn Blalock

    David Bleich

    Marc Bousquet

    Elizabeth Brockman

    Marshall Brown

    Bruce Burgett

    Jonathan Bush

    Jeffrey Cain

    Brinda Charry

    Howell Chickering

    Miriam Clark

    Chris Cobb

    Mary Ann Crawford

    Ellen Cushman

    Danielle DeVoss

    Sid Dobrin

    Christiane Donahue

    Dylan Dryer

    Mark Eaton [End Page 455]

    Janet Eldred

    Theresa Enos

    Helen Ewald

    Robert Fanning

    Sandy Feinstein

    Susan Felch

    Kathy Fitch

    Karen Fitts

    Jacqueline Foertsch

    Richard Forest

    Brett Foster

    Catherine Fox

    Mark Freed

    Rich Furman

    Greg Garrard

    Joe Glaser

    Philip Goldstein

    Karin Goselink

    Marshall Gregory

    Laura Grow

    Joseph Harris

    Salah Hassan

    Matthew Heard

    Thomas Hothem

    Linda Huff-Paul

    Emily Isaacs

    T. R. Johnson

    Jason Kane

    Gray Kochhar-Lindgren

    Paul Lauter

    Mary McCampbell

    Nancy Mack

    Susan McLeod

    Tony Magistrale

    Wade Mahon

    Laura Micciche

    Deborah Minter

    Linda Naranjo-Huebl

    William Newell

    Rebecca O'Rourke

    Derek Owens

    Michelle Payne

    Sondra Perl

    Donna Qualley

    Jim Ridolfo

    Leslie Ritchie

    Matthew Roberson

    Betsy Sargent

    Ellen Schendel

    Susan Schiller

    Barbara Schneider

    Ira Shor

    Geoffrey Sirc

    Nate Smith

    Bent Sørensen

    Barry Spacks

    William Spruiell

    Susan Stan

    Shari Stenberg

    Donna Strickland

    Gail Stygall

    Sandra Tarabochia

    Howard Tinberg

    Lad Tobin

    Christine Tulley

    William Vande Kopple

    Stephanie Vanderslice

    Karen Vocke

    Dean Ward

    Rebecca Webb

    John Webster

    Mary Wendt

    Margaret Willard-Traub

    Tara Williams

    Michael Zerbe

    Jane Zwart [End Page 456]



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