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Articles in Quaker Periodicals By Lyman W. Riley Friends fournal Letter from the Past No. 159 is called "In the State of Denmark" and refers to an English Friend, John Hall, who visited Copenhagen in 1658. —Jan. 12, 1957, pp. 21-22. Bliss Forbush in "A Birthday Established" cites the evidence that proves the birth date of Elias Hicks to have been March 19, 1748.—Jan. 19, 1957, p. 38. A brief outline of the history of Cheltenham Monthly Meeting, Pa., as originally presented by William T. Llewellyn is summarized by Edwin B. Bronner.—Jan.26, 1957, pp. 55-56. "Now and Then" compares the "Evidence of Membership Then and Now" in his Letter from the Past No. 160, considerably to the benefit of the earlier kinds of evidence, before formal listings of membership in the Society were made.—March 9, 1957, pp. 150-151. "Friends First or Farthest South," Letter from the Past No. 161, refers to Quakers in South Africa, the Antarctic, and the South Pacific.— May 11, 1957, pp. 310-311. In "A Quaker College in 1814?" Frederick B. Tolles describes the correspondence between John Comly of Byberry, Pa., and Isaac Hicks of Long Island in which they tell of Friends' interest in the establishment of a college at about that date.—May 18, 1957, pp. 327-328. The Friends' Quarterly L. Hugh Doncaster throws light on "The Significance of the Advices and Queries" by giving their history in clear and summary fashion, showing how they have reflected the developing "corporate concern" of the Society, generation by generation.—Jan., 1957, pp. 1-7. In "George Fox: Healing and Spiritual Regeneration" Joseph Pickvance says "for the early Friends healing was simply a part ... of a complete Christian ministry to the individual." He gives examples from the writings of Fox and Nayler.—Jan., 1957, pp. 8-19. In "The Later Years of Catharine Phillips" A. G. K. Leonard gives in outline the history of this traveling Friend of the eighteenth century and the titles of some of her published works.—April, 1957, pp. 91-94. 127 ...


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