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Quaker Research in Progress Information concerning Quaker studies in progress but not published should be sent to Henry J. Cadbury, Chairman of the Committee on Historical Research, 774 Millbrook Lane, Haverford , Pennsylvania. Fred H. Blum, 30 Arthur Avenue, S.E., Minneapolis 14, Minnesota. Friends and the Industrial Order. (A systematic study of the meaning of the Friends' basic convictions in regard to the industrial-social order.) William Bacon Evans, 765 College Avenue, Haverford, Pennsylvania. Jonathan Evans and His Time. (Biographical sketch, with an unpublished account of the Separation of 1827.) Carroll S. Feagins, Guilford College, North Carolina. Critiques of Pacifism by Some American and British Philosophers since 1914. (The five philosophers discussed are Brand Blanshard, D. Elton Trueblood, Charles Hartshorne, Paul Weiss, and Bertrand Russell.) Northwestern University: thesis for Ph. D. degree, 1954. Geoffrey F. Nuttall, 2 Brim Hill, London, N. 2. The Impact of Quakerism (on Wales in the 1650's) in connection with Walter Cradock, Vavasor Powell, and Morgan Lloyd and Their People. Lecture delivered at University College of North Wales, 1957. R. A. Mott, Lynwood, Clarkehouse Road, Sheffield, England, assisted by M. I. Berrill. The Early Use of Coke for Iron-Making. (First used by Abraham Darby, a Friend of Coalbrookdale, in 1709.) Richenda C. Scott, Brynsiencyn, Anglesey, Wales. The Rise of the Modern Quaker Movement with Particular Reference to the Thought of John Wilhelm Rowntree. H. Rossiter Smith, 8, Tenison Road, Cambridge, England. Thomas Wilkinson. (The Romantic poets and social problems of the eighteenth century.) Reginald Arthur Smith, White House, Albury Heath, near Guildford, Surrey, England. Biography of Carl Heath. Richard T. Vann, 2 Porter Circle, Cambridge 40, Massachusetts. The Social Background of Quaker Converts, 1660-1740. (The Quaker records for Somerset, Bristol, Lancashire, Norwich, and Norfolk will be used to determine the social and family structure of the Society of Friends after the Restoration.) Harvard University: History, thesis for Ph. D. degree. 115 ...


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