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Quaker Research in Progress The following list of current or recent studies in Quaker history continues the series of such notices appearing from time to time in the Bulletin. It is of course improbable that the list is complete, but it is interesting as showing where the present frontiers of Quaker research are. Information concerning other Quaker studies in progress but not published should be sent to Henry J. Cadbury, Chairman of the Committee on Historical Research, 7 Buckingham Place, Cambridge 38, Massachusetts. E. L. Dwyer, Department of Religion, Baylor University, Waco, Texas. The Principle of Authority in the Writings of Rufus Jones. (Formative influences, and an explication of the principle in relation to relative theological concepts) . Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary: Theology, thesis for Th.D. degree, 1951. Nearly complete. Joseph Ernest, Jr., University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee. Whittier and the American Writers. (Whittier's personal relationships with American writers, and his reading in American literature) . University of Tennessee: English, thesis for Ph.D. degree, 1952. Research completed, writing in progress. Charles A. Gauld, Route 1, Box 1305, Vancouver, Washington. A biography of Percival Farquhar, birthright Friend and dean of the United States business community in Brazil. Partially completed. David F. Gould, 224 Linden Avenue, Riverton, New Jersey. A Family Story. (The Gould family and related families). Partially completed. Arthur J. Green, Beech Lee, Lurgan, County Armagh, Northern Ireland. The Quaker Conception of Man. (Illustrated from the seventeenth and twentieth centuries only; an attempt to set the Quaker position in relief against Neo-Orthodoxy) . Haverford College: Philosophy, thesis for M.A. degree, 1951. Completed. S. J. Hutchence, "Runswick," Frinton, Essex, England. George Fox: The Man and His Message. (A concise account of his life and an attempt to assess his influence on Christian thought and practice). Westminster College: Divinity, thesis for Certificate in Education. 1951. 106 Quaker Research in Progress107 Sydney V. James, Jr., 6 Agassiz Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts. James F. Shunk and "Ye Scheme to Bagge Penne." (An examination into the alleged "Cotton Mather Letter" produced by Shunk in 1870). Completed. Thomas Kelly, Director of Extra-Mural Studies, University of Liverpool, Abercromby Square, Liverpool, England. A study of George Birkbeck, Founder of Birkbeck College. Morris L. Kirk, Route 3, West Chester, Pennsylvania. A study of the life of Nicholas Wain (1742-1813) . Haverford College: History, thesis for A.M. degree, 1951. Roy N. Lokken, 4237 12th Avenue, N.E., Seattle 5, Washington. Life of David Lloyd. (An historical biography, stressing Lloyd's contributions to developing American institutions). Research under way. John McKinley, 508 E. Cottage Grove, Bloomington, Indiana. A Critical Edition of Longfellow's New England Tragedies. Indiana University : English, thesis for Ph.D. degree. Research commenced. Mildred Ann Myerson, 25 Larch Road, Waban 68, Massachusetts. Levi Coffin and the Underground Railroad. (A biography and study of the period for juvenile [10-16] readers) . Partially completed. Lilian Orlich, Box 375, Manassas, Virginia. The Quakers in the Southern Colonies Prior to 1700. New York University: History, thesis for M.A. degree, 1951. Completed in rough draft. Alan M. Rees, Keble College, Oxford, England. Origins of the Anti-Slavery Movement in England and the Abolition of the Slave Trade. Oxford, thesis for D. Phil, degree. Research commenced. Herbert C. Standing, Route 1-A, Earlham, Iowa. A Study of Robert Barclay's Interpretation of the Light Within. (A survey of Barclay's thought and a consideration of modern Quaker criticism of his description of the Light) . Haverford College: Philosophy, thesis for M.A. degree, 1951. Partially completed. Marek Waysblum, 2, Louvaine Road, London S.W. 11, England. Relations of Friends with Poland. (Early relations, 1660-1721—Danzig Meeting, Quaker literature in Polish, Polish motives in Quaker literature ; Quakers in Polish literature of the eighteenth century, contacts 1814-30, Quakers and Polish emigration after 1830). Research well advanced. Harold E. Walker, 503 West Walnut Street, El Segundo, California. The Conception of a Ministry in the Quaker Movement and a Survey of Its Development. University of Edinburgh: Practical Theology, thesis for Ph.D. degree, 1952. Research commenced. ...


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