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Articles in Quaker Periodicals By Lyman W. Riley The American Friend George Minnott reviews briefly "Jamaica's Quaker Heritage," which began with the arrival on the island of fifty-five Friends in 1665.—Oct. 31, 1957, p. 253. In "Whittier—American Quaker Prophet" J. Floyd Moore gives in outline the story of Whittier's life and describes his significance for present-day Quaker faith and action.—Nov. 28, 1957, pp. 376-378. Friends Journal John Hobart's purpose in "Holy Writ and Quaker Witness" is to trace the place of the Bible in the life of Friends from 1650 to the present. He cites Fox, Barclay, Isaac Crewdson, Abraham Shackleton, Penn, and Henry J. Cadbury.—June 29, 1957, pp. 420-421; July 6, 1957, pp. 436-437. Letter from the Past No. 163 is "Friends and Mayflower I"; it explodes three mistaken notions—that the Pilgrims wore Quaker dress, that Pilgrims persecuted Friends, and that the hull of the Mayflower was used to build the barn at Jordans.—July 20, 1957, p. 472. Frederick B. Tolles describes two documents pertaining to "Quaker Objectors to Loyalty Oaths in 1778"; six Pennsylvania Friends were imprisoned at Lancaster for refusing to swear an oath of allegiance to the Commonwealth.—July 27, 1957, pp. 487-488. The conception of "Christ in Early Quakerism" was, according to a short, solid article by Maurice A. Creasey, a "comprehensive" one, with both a "particular and universal, historical and mystical emphasis."— Oct. 5, 1957, pp. 644-645. "The Quaker Approach to the Apocrypha" (Letter from the Past No. 164) was that of generally ignoring the books even when not worrying much about the correctness of the canon. Luke Howard, however, in 18271829 , translated some of the Apocrypha as part of his Bible translations.— Oct. 12, 1957, pp. 660-661. C. Marshall Taylor notes that one of Whittier's best known poems was written as a protest against creeds; "Whittier and 'The Eternal Goodness' " —Oct. 12, ^957, pp. 661-662. Frederick B. Tolles writes of "William Penn's Frame of Government," pointing especially to his Whiggism and, even more important, his Quakerism as the sources for his liberal constitution for Pennsylvania. The 62 Articles in Quaker Periodicals63 article is part of The Witness of William Penn, edited by Frederick B. Tolles and E. Gordon Alderfer.—Oct. 19, pp. 676-677. Wilmer A. Cooper takes "Another Look at Rufus M. Jones"; he describes, critically as well as appreciatively, this influential Friend's views on religious mysticism, ethics, reason, Christ, and the history of the Society of Friends.—Oct. 26, 1957, pp. 692-693. Letter from the Past No. 165, "The Call to Theologize," emphasizes the fact that for early Friends theology was strictly the verbalization of immediate, personal experience.—Nov. 2, 1957, pp. 711-712. A note on "The New Penn Portraits"—of William and Hannah Penn by Francis Place (1647-1728)—is accompanied by reproductions of both. Nov. 9, 1957, p. 728. Florence L. Sanville includes in "The Cross at Little Thakeham Meeting (The Blue Idol')" some conjectural explanation for the odd nickname of this, William Penn's own meeting.—Nov. 16, 1957, pp. 743-744. Howard H. Brinton publishes part of a letter (1826) of Edward Stabler which well expresses the Quaker concept of proper reform activity: "A Concern for the Oppressor."—Nov. 16, 1957, pp. 744-745. The "Three Earlham Halls" described in Letter from the Past No. 166 are the home of Elizabeth Gurney Fry and Joseph John Gurney in England, and two women's residences (one now demolished) at Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana.—Nov. 30, 1957, p. 777. On a date near the 150th anniversary of John Greenleaf Whittier's birth most of an issue is devoted to the Quaker poet: "Collecting Whittieriana " by C. Marshall Taylor; "Whittier's Quakerly Use of the Bible," Letter from the Past No. 167; "Whittier, Quaker Liberal and Reformer" by Howard W. Hintz; "Most Winning Spokesman of the Moral Life" by Anna Brinton. Excerpts from some of his poems are included.—Dec. 7, 1957. Caroline N. Jacob tells the story of "William Edmondson and Ireland's First Quaker Meeting."—Dec. 7, 1957, pp. 788-790. The Friends' Quarterly In...


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