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Quaker Research in Progress The following list of current or recent studies in Quaker history continues the series of such notices appearing from time to time in the Bulletin. Information concerning other Quaker studies in progress but not published should be sent to Henry J. Cadbury, Chairman of the Committee on Historical Research, 774 Millbrook Lane, Haverford, Pennsylvania. Ruth I. Aldrich, 4607 North Murray Avenue, Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin . The Life, Works, and Literary Friendships of Charles Lloyd. (A member of the well-known Quaker family of Birmingham, Lloyd was a poet and the friend of many literary men.) University of Wisconsin: English, thesis for Ph.D. degree. Alfred F. Andersen, Tanguy Homesteads, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. Implications for Philosophy of Education in the Concept of the Inner Light. University of Pennsylvania: Education, thesis for Ph.D. degree. Tsuyoshi Amemiya, 1-226, Nozawa, Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan. Whittier 's Humanity. 1956. Crosby Forbes, 38 Arlington Street, Cambridge 40, Massachusetts. English Dissenting Thought and Action, 1660-1740. (The contribution of lay and religious leaders of Dissent to the intellectual and party history of the period.) Willard C. Heiss and Ray Brumfield, 4020 East 34th Street, Indianapolis 18, Indiana. History of Jericho Meeting, Randolph County, Indiana. John Hepler, Central Michigan College, Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Whittier Correspondence. (Based on 600 letters by and to Whittier.) Mary Maples, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. William Penn, Political Thought and Career. Bryn Mawr College: History, thesis for Ph.D. degree. T. Robert Moseley, Nyack Missionary College, Nyack, New York. The New York Manumission Society, 1785-1849. New York University: History, thesis for Ph.D. degree. James A. Vendettuoli, Jr., 82 Keene Street, Providence 6, Rhode Island. The English Seekers: John Jackson, Spokesman. (A fresh examination of the Seeker mind and attitude, with John Jackson as the seminal thinker and representative figure.) Harvard University: Church History, thesis for Ph.D. degree, 1958. 49 ...


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