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Quaker Research in Progress The following list of, current or recent studies in Quaker history continues the series of such notices appearing regularly in the Bulletin. It is of course improbable that the list is complete, but it is interesting as showing where the present frontiers of Quaker research are. Information concerning other Quaker studies in progress but not published should be sent to Henry J. Cadbury, Chairman of the Committee on Historical Research, Pendle Hill, Wallingford, Pennsylvania. John Edgar Berry, 317 Fifth Street, Huntington Beach, California. The Rosy Quakers of Eldorado. (A textual comparison of Voltaire's Lettres philosophiques, I-IV and Candide, chapters 17-18, with some observations.) Robert Davison, 141-10 25 Road, Flushing, New York. Isaac Hicks (1767-1820), Quaker Merchant. New York University; American Civilization , thesis for Ph.D. degree. Emily Buder Fear (deceased,). South African Quaker Records. (Local records and references to visiting Friends, collected at the request of Cape Monthly Meeting and South Africa General Meeting in 1932.) Typescript copy in Quaker Collection, Haverford College Library. Theodore D. Graves, Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana. The Awakening of Young Friends. (Based on Young Friends records in Earlham College Library.) Earlham College. Earl G. Harrison, Jr, Moylan-Rose Valley, Pennsylvania. Quakerism and the Ecumenical Movement. (LA Historical Perspective; 2. The Quest for Unity from Within; 3. The Society of Friends and the World Council of Churches.) Yale Divinity School. Albert D. Mott, Department of History, University of California, Berkeley , California. The Phenomenon of Ranterism in Seventeenth-Century England. (A study in the definition of the Inward Light, 1640-1660.) University of California; History, thesis for Ph.D. degree, 1955. Richard James Oman, 223 Brown Hall, Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey. William Penn: A Study in the Quaker Doctrine of Political Authority. University of Edinburgh; Church History, thesis for Ph.D. degree. Helen Batchelor Petrullo, 118 Roosevelt Avenue, Syracuse 10, New York. A comparison of Dryden's attitude towards Dissenters (particularly Quakers) and the Quakers' attitude towards themselves during the Restoration . Syracuse University; English. E. A. Otto Peetz, 43 St. Giles', Oxford, England. Friends Mission Work in Madagascar to 1927: Its Dottrinai Implications. (An attempt to clarify 108 Quaker Research in Progress109 the position of English Friends towards missionary and ecumenical problems .) University of Oxford; Theology, thesis for B. Litt, degree, 1954. Pennsylvania Society of the Colonial Dames of America, 1630 Latimer Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hannah Pena (Her letters and a biographical sketch.) Letters being sought. John B. Pickard, 59 Dalton Road, Newton Centre, Massachusetts. The Artistry of John Greenleaf Whittier. (A study of Whittier's critical theory and its application as seen in his imagery, prose style, ballads, and regional poems.) University of Wisconsin; English thesis for Ph.D. degree, 1954. Alan Maxwell Rees, Department of History, Ohio State University, Columbus 10, Ohio. The American Campaign for the Abolition of the Slave Trade. (To include a study of the part played by Friends and other religious groups in the campaign.) Ohio State University; History, thesis for Ph.D. degree. David Benbow Stafford, Guilford College, North Carolina. Sociocultural Change and Quakerism. (A case study in the functional sociology of religion in terms of reference-group theory.) Duke University; Sociology and Anthropology, thesis for Ph.D. degree, 1955. Sina F. Stanton (and Julia R. Sharpless), 4815 Battery Lane, Washington 14, D. C. History of Friends Meeting of Washington. (Antecedents of Friends Meetings in Washington, followed by a full account of the movement which resulted in the formation of an independent meeting in 1930 and the building of the meetinghouse at 2111 Florida Avenue.) Richard E. Stenhouse, 360 West 122nd Street, New York, N. Y. The Mysticism of Isaac Penington and His Concept of the Seed. Haverford College ; Philosophy, thesis for M.A. degree, 1950. Edward P. Thatcher, 1812 Villard Street, Eugene, Oregon. Quakers and Western Exploration, 1800-1850. (Wistar, J. K. Townsend, T. Say, J. Cassin, and the naming of western plant and animal species.) Henry van Etten, Route 1, Box 279 G2, Absecon, New Jersey. George Fox et les Quakers. To be published in Paris (Editions du Seuil), 1955 or 1956. ...


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