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effort toward a running account of the action, and the comments on it are such as to require the student's previous reading of the play if he is to have adequate comprehension. Perhaps the difficulty of outlining the highly complex plot of La verdad sospechosa in all its details was the reason for Leavitt's change in procedure; throughout his book thereafter he does not return to a detailed running account of the action of any play. 3 Sturgis does not shrink from the fact, as some commentators on the comedia do, that it was a popular diversion that appealed to a "lowbrow" audience, as he puts it. He correctly interprets Lope's Arte nuevo as the latter's sincere apology for writing down to the popular taste. Sturgis's adverse criticism of this or that element of a play is criticism often from our modern point of view, and sometimes does not take into account the possibility that a seventeenth-century audience might have tastes different from our own. MINUTES OF THE 1972 MEETING OF THE COMEDIANTES The Comediantes' luncheon took place at noon on Wednesday, December 27, 1972 in the Amsterdam Room of the Dutch Taveerne in the New York Hilton Hotel. The foUowing colleagues were in attendance: Fred Abrams, B. B. Ashcom and Mrs. Ashcom , Robert R. Bishop and Mrs. Bishop, James Castañeda, Virginia R. Craig, John Dowling, A. V. Ebersole and Mrs. Ebersole, Augusta Espantoso Foley, F. WilHam Forbes, Jesús Guti érrez, George Haley, WilHam Hunter, EmiHa Kelley, Kurt Levy (who flew up for the MLA meeting from Cali, Colombia, where he is on a Fulbright), John Lihani and Mrs. Lihani, Warren T. McCready, Robert R. Morrison, Mary Norval, Thomas O'Connor, Jack H. Parker and Mrs. Parker, James A. Parr and Mrs. Parr, Michael Pincus, Arnold Reichenberger and Mrs. Reichenberger , John J. Reynolds, Amy Sparks, A. JuHán Valbuena, Lee B. Watts, Jack Weiner, Sidney Wexler, Shirley B. Whitaker, Wüliam Whitby, Vern Williamsen, and Henryk Ziomek. At the conclusion of the lunch, Professor Ebersole, the chairman, welcomed the members at this annual affair and conducted a brief business meeting. He regretfully announced Professor McCready's resignation as editor of the Bulletin of the Comediantes, and paid tribute to him for the excellence of the pubHcation. Prof. McCready in his response expressed his pleasure at having served the Comediantes as editor of the Bulletin and lamented the loss, through untimely death, of our coUeague, Peter B. BeU, who had produced the unparalleled bibHography of the comedia in the BCom for the last several years. Professor James A. Parr was then unanimously elected as the new editor of the BCom. Just prior to the luncheon, he had chaired the comedia seminar which had as its panelists , Professor A. G. Reichenberger, WilHam M. Whitby, and James A. Parr. Everett W. Hesse, also on the program, was unable to attend and his paper was read by Theodore A. Sackett. Professor Karl C. Gregg, the business manager of the BCom, sent copies of his financial report to the Executive Committee, and Jim Parr presented the report to the Comediantes. The BCom closed the year in the black with a balance of $493.95 and almost 200 subscribers. John Lihani then observed that this was the twenty-fifth year of the pubHcation of the BCom and explained that professor Everett W. Hesse, who was the founding editor of the BCom, was unable to attend the meeting due to illness. The undersigned further made a motion to recognize Professor Hesse's 30 continuous and fervent support of the Comediantes and the BCom, and to honor him by placing in the BCom the phrase: "Founded by Everett W. Hesse." The honoring phrase is to appear permanently in addition to the identifying material on the inside cover of the BCom below its title. The entire attendance at the meeting unanimously approved the motion by acclamation. Finally, Professor Ebersole urged those attending the luncheon to submit papers to the new chairman for the Spanish 3 meeting in Chicago for 1973. Prior to the Spanish 3: Comedia meeting of the MLA, the Executive Committee met and designated Professor Vern G. WUHamsen as...


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