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MLA PROGRAM: SPANISH 3 Spanish 3, The Spanish Comedia, meets in the New York Hilton, time and place in the official program. Chairman, ALVA V. EBERSOLE, Univ. of North Carolina; Secretary, JOHN LIHANI, Univ. of Kentucky. I. Business. II. Papers and Discussion. 1."El Condenado por desconfiado : trasfondo teològico," Gabriel González, North Carolina State Univ. (18 min.) 2."Una veta poco conocida de la brava mina de Moreto — su teatro menor," James A. Castañeda, Rice Univ. (18 min.) 3."On the Opening Scene of Calderón's La hija del aire," Amy J. Sparks, Univ. of South Florida. (18 min.) Executive Committee: Ch., Alva V. Ebersole, Univ. of North Carolina (1968-72); "John Lihani (1970-73); Joseph H. Silverman (1970-75); Sidney F. Wexler (1970-74); A JuHán Valbuena Briones (1971-76); James A. Parr (1972-77). Research Committee: Ch.*; James A. Castañeda; Robert L. Darst; Robert L. Fiore; Harry W. Hilborn; Walter Poesse ; K.-L. SeHg; Richard W. Tyler; Vern G. Williamsen; Henryk Ziomek. *Nomination for chairman to be made at meeting. 1973 Officers: Chairman, John Lihani, Univ. of Kentucky; Secretary, Joseph H. Silverman, Univ. of California, Santa Cruz. (Nominations to be voted on.) EL MENTIDERO DE COMEDIANTES From California State University (formerly College), Los Angeles, comes this news release which we give here in its entirety: Spanish Repertory Theatre to be based at CaI State L. A. A grant to estabHsh a Spanish Repertory Theatre and Workshop has been provided to California State University, Los Angeles , by the Del Amo Foundation of Los Angeles and Madrid. The theatre-workshop, 'Teatro Espa ñol Del Amo," will produce three classic Spanish dramas, and provide four courses on Spanish drama during the Summer of 1973. Actors from the Royal School of Dramatic Arts in Madrid will perform principal roles in the productions while scholars on Spanish drama will teach the four classes. The project is to be administered by Dr. A. F. Michael Atlee, associate professor of Spanish Hterature at CaI State L.A. Under terms of the grant, Dr. Atlee will supervise estabhshment of the workshop which is to offer full-dress productions of "El burlador de Sevilla," the first Don Juan play, written in 1614; "El sí de las niñas," last play from the neo-classic period; and "Una noche del teatro medieval-renacentista," a series of five one-act dramas tracing the development of the drama in Spain from the Latin tropus to the Italianate cornmedia deH' arte of Cervantes. Classes to be offered on the Spanish theatre will include Medieval-Renaissance Drama, Golden Age Drama, 18th and 19th Century Drama, and Contemporary Drama. Dr. Atlee anticipates that the classes will be taught by Bruce Wardropper, who holds the Wannamaker Chair at Duke University, and F. García Pavón, director of the Real Escuela de Arte Dramático in Madrid. 48 ...


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