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QuakerResearchinProgress Information concerning Quafar studies in progress but not published should be sent to Henry J. Cadbury, Chairman of the Committee on Historical Research, 774 Millbrook Lane, Haverford, Pennsylvania. Jay T. Allen, 137 Haven Road, Syracuse, New York. The Ethics of William Penn. (The occasion, the sources, the structure, the application, and the influence of Penn's ethical thinking.) Shirley Miller Bartell, 2024 Harwitch Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221. Uncertainty in Bunyan as Opposed to Assurance in Fox. Ohio State University: English, thesis for M.A. degree. Stuart M. Blumin, 345 South 18th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103. Personality and the Hicksite Separation: A New Look at Some Unfriendly Friends. Barbara L. Curtis, Cope House, Awbury Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19138. Books and Collections of Books in the Possession of Early Friends, ca. 1660-1680. Drexel Institute: term paper. Charles Deakin, 19 Worts Causeway, Cambridge, England. George Fox's Birthplace. (Separate studies of a painting, a photograph, and a map.) Gordon Ellens, Department of Religion, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Ranters: Case Studies in Seventeenth-Century Enthusiasm. Errol T. Elliott, Earlham School of Religion, Richmond, Indiana. The Westward Movement of Friends in America. Melvin Becker Endy, Jr., 386 Prospect Street, Apt. E-6, New Haven, Connecticut 06511. William Penn's Religious Thought. Yale University: Religious Studies, thesis for Ph.D. degree. Jerry William Frost, 711 Berkley Drive, Marion, Indiana. The Quaker Family in the Eighteenth Century. University of Wisconsin: History, thesis for Ph.D. degree. 52 Quaker Research in Progress53 Edward S. Goulding, 1577 Old York Road, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Quakers and the Civil War: A Study in Affects and Effects. Temple University : American History, thesis for M.A. degree. Completed. Elizabeth Isichei, Nuffield College, Oxford, England. Quakers in Society, 1860-1920. (Changes in Quakerism and Quaker social action; will include organization , adult schools, and peace.) Oxford University: Modern History, thesis for D. Phil, degree. Joseph Watford Martin, 3705 McKinley Street, Washington, D. C. The English Revolution and the Rise of Quakerism, 1650-1660. Columbia University : Philosophy, thesis for Ph.D. degree. Completed. Charles F. Montgomery, Winterthur Museum, Winterthur, Delaware 19735. John Townsend: English Quaker with American Connections. Robert E. Najem, 729 West 5th Street, Appleton, Wisconsin 54912. The Quaker Reaction to Voltaire in the Eighteenth Century. Polly Perry, 4101 Spruce Street, Apt. 409, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Quakers in the Philadelphia Area as Seen through the Eyes of Non-Quakers in the Eighteenth Century. University of Pennsylvania: American Civilization, thesis for M.A. degree. Amy Lyon Schaeffer, Falls Village, Connecticut. Levi Coffin, President of the Underground Railroad. Ian K. Steele, Department of History, University of Western Ontario, London , Canada. The Board of Trade, the Quakers, and the Resumption of Colonial Charters, 1701. (The contest between a young department of government ambitious for power and the Quakers in England and America who feared infringement of their religious liberties.) Jay Worrall, 1839 Brandon Avenue, Petersburg, Virginia. The Friendly Virginians. (History of the Society of Friends in Virginia from 1656 to the present time.) Edward Needles Wright, Rose Valley Road, Moylan, Pennsylvania 19065. The Story of Peter Wright and Sons, Quaker Shipping Firm. ...


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