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ARTICLES AND PUBLICATIONS Prepared by Barbara L. Curtis Crosslands 188, Kennett Square, PA 19348 Frances Dietz of New Baltimore, Greene County, NY 12124, is the author of "Under the Care of Friends; New Baltimore's Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Quaker Meetings. " This article appeared as a special supplement to The Heritage of New Baltimore, a publication of the New Baltimore Heritage Society. Two other articles on New York Friends are: "Mendon Center Friends" by Diane C. Ham and dedicated to Kenneth C. Livermore, "a great friend and neighbor of Mendon Center Friends, on his 100th birthday, January 3, 1986, and Alson Van Wagner's article, "Dutchess Quakers Maintain their Testimony against Military Participation," which appeared in the Dutchess County Historical Society Year Book, vol. 70 (1985). An illustrated account entitled "Quakers in Eustace Street" was recently published by the Dublin Meeting at Friendly Press in Waterfbrd, Ireland. Indiana University Press has recently issued Religion in Indiana: A Guide to Historical Research by L. C. Rudolph and Judith E. Endelman which includes considerable material about the Society of Friends. An excellent detailed index contains many references to Friends and to individual Quaker families. Price of the volume is $22.50 in cloth. Inquiries should be directed to the press at 10th & Morton Sts., Bloomington, IN 46405. North Carolina Friends Historical Society in association with North Carolina Yearly Meeting and Deep River Meeting has published Deep River Friends. This well-illustratedvolume of 160 pages is the workofCecil E. Haworth, apastor in the Deep River Quarterly Meeting area for nearly 50 years. The book is fifth in a series of histories of older monthly meetings produced by North Carolina Quakers. The cost is $7.50 plus $1.00 postage and handling from the Historical Society at P.O. Box 8502, Greensboro, NC 27419. The third publication lately put out by North Carolina Friends Historical Society is a biographical account called Friends on the Front Une: the Story ofDelbert and Ruth Replogle. Several interesting historical studies about Friends meetings have appeared lately. Alson D. Van Wagner has written A Short History of Oswego Monthly Meeting published in 1986 by the monthly meeting, known now as Bull's Head-Oswego Monthly Meeting which is located near Clinton Corners, NY 12514. Three meetings in southeastern Pennsylvania have recently completed histories. Charles C. Walker has published a talk about Concord Meeting which he gave at the spring meeting of the Friends Historical Association held at Concord Meeting on June 2, 1985. The cost if $.60 payable to the meeting at Box 23, Concordville, PA 19331. R. W. Tucker has written Springfield Meeting: the First Three Hundred Years, 1686-1986, an illustrated account of one ofthe oldest Quaker meetings in Delaware County. It has been carefully researched, is well illustrated and has many interesting 133 134Quaker History anecdotes. Copies at $3.00, plus $1.00 postage and handling are available from the meeting at 1001 Old Sproul Rd., Springfield, PA 19064. The story of Middletown Friends Meeting, also in Delaware County by Edward W. Savery, Jr. begins with the very early gatherings in Friends homes to the west of Chester and carries the record past the troubled period of the Separation in 1828 when a second meeting house was built not far from the original 18th century home oflocal Friends. The story is based largely on quotes from the meeting minutes and includes anecdotal accounts of interest. Jacquelyn S. Nelson of Ball State University, Muncie, IN 47306, has published a chapter entitled "Fighting Friends" from her dissertation on "The Society of Friends in Indiana During the Civil War" in the Madison County Historical Gazette , vol. 19, no. 7. Looking at Quaker history through the arts, especially the graphic arts, is the background for a valuable pair of booklets to be used in teaching Quaker history to young people. Put Yourselfin the Picture is a publication of Friends United Meeting by Wanda Coffin Baker and Barbara Mays. Bibliographical data, biographical material and excellent pictorial items have been assembled to make an excellent program for students which helps the past give inspiration to the future. Copies may be ordered by writing to Barbara Mays, Friends United Meeting, 101 Quaker Lane...


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