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ARTICLES AND PUBLICATIONS Prepared by Barbara L. Curtis 631 Walnut Lane, Haverford,PA 19041 Michael P. Graves, chairman ofthe division ofcommunication and literature at George.Fox College, Newberg, Oregon, has published "Functions of Key Metaphors in Early Quaker Sermons, 16711700 " in the QuarterlyJournal ofSpeech, v. 69 (1983), p. 364-378. According to Professor Graves, much of the material for the article was obtained in the Quaker Collection at Haverford College and the Friends Historical Library at Swarthmore College. Jessica Kross has recently had a book published by Temple University Press entitled The Evolution of an American Town: Newtown, New York, 1642-1795. The book contains a considerable body of material relating to Quakers in Newtown which is located not far from Flushing, on Long Island. Thomas C. Kennedy's article "Southland College: the Society of Friends and Black Education in Arkansas" appeared in the summer 1983 issue ofthe Arkansas Historical Quarterly, pp. 207-238. Charles Fager of Kimo Press, P.O. Box 1361, Falls Church, VA 22041, has published Quakers and King Philip's War, 1671-1676. The story ofthis bloody conflict with Indians in New England is told from an empathetic Quaker perspective. From the same source and recently presented to the National Gallery in Washington, experience and survival ofa Quaker family during the Irish Rebellion of 1798. It is entitled Divine Protection Through Extraordinary Dangers Experienced . . . during the Irish Rebellion of 1 798, and was written by the Irish Quaker Dinah W. Goff (1784-1858). Haverford College has marked the 150th anniversary of its founding as a Quaker institution ofhigher learning by publishing a history of the college entitled The Spirit and the Intellect: Haverford College , 1833-1983. Gregory Kannerstein served as editor ofthe publication , copies ofwhich may be obtained from the Haverford College Bookstore, Haverford, PA 19041, at $20.00 for the hard cover, and $12.00 for the soft cover, plus postage, handling and tax where applicable. 59 60Quaker History Peter van den Düngen, School ofPeace Studies at the University of Bradford, England, has recently prepared a valuable and informative introduction to a newly published reprint of William Penn's classic An Essay Towards the Present and Future Peace ofEurope. Georg Olm's Verlag of Hildesheim, Zurich, and New York, has done the facsimile reprint under the aegis of the United Nations Library at Geneva. The copy used for reproduction was made available through Friends Reference Library, London. Four paintings by Edward Hicks have been reproduced in a publication ofthe National Gallery of Art entitled American Naive Paintings . These paintings are part ofa substantial gift ofnon-professional art works collected by Edgar W and Bernice C. Garbisch since 1944 and recently presented to the National Gallery in Washington. The University of Pennsylvania Press has recently published a Guide to Women 's History Resources in the Delaware Valley Area edited by Trina Vaux. There is considerable information for Quaker historians in this work which is a product ofthe Mayor's Commission for Women ofthe City of Philadelphia. Shirley Neff and Carole McGlumpy's "Abraham Tyson—His Roots and Branches" is a narrative account with genealogical detail of the Quaker Tyson family of Abington township, near Philadelphia. It appeared in the Old York Road Historical Society Bulletin, v. 41 (1981) pp. 7-12. Two British publications of historical interest are Corder Catchpool , by Alex Bryan, and My Ancestors Were Quakers—How Can I Find Out More About Them, by E. H. Milligan and M. J. Thomas. Bryant's account ofCatchpool appeared under the imprint of Quaker Home Service, London. Milligan and Thomas, both associated with the Friends Reference Library, Friends House, London, published their work under the imprint of the Society of Genealogists in London. Thomas E. Terrell, Jr. of the University of North Carolina has published an article in Early American Literature, v. 18 (1983) entitled "Some Holsom Exhortation!: Henry White's SeventeenthCentury Southern Religious Narrative in Verse." White was a Quaker who lived in the Albermarle region ofVirginia. George S. Snyderman, retired Supervisor of Counseling Services for the Pennsylvania State Employment Service, has an article in the Proceedings ofthe American Philosophical Society, v. 127, no. 4, Articles And Publications6 1 1983 entitled "Witches, Witchcraft and...


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