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62Quaker History ARTICLES AND PUBLICATIONS Prepared by John and Barbara Curtis 631 Walnut Lane Haverford, PA 19041 A. Day Bradley, historian and genealogist of New York area Quakerism, reports publication of a study he completed in 1981 on "Records of Junius Friends Monthly Meeting, Seneca and Wayne Counties, New York." This appeared in the Quarterly of the National Genealogical Society, vol. 69 (1981), pp. [15]-26. * * * Robert Hull has a chapter on "Historical Roots of a Peace Church Witness " in a recent publication by the Mennonite Central Committee at Akron, PA, entitled Affirm Life: Pay for Peace, which promotes the concerns of the World Peace Tax Fund. Persons desiring to obtain copies of this publication should write to William Strong at Friends Peace Committee, 1515 Cherry St., Philadelphia, PA 19102. * * * Dana Greene, Department of History, St. Mary's College in Maryland, has an article in Pennsylvania History, vol. 48, no. 2 (April 1981), pp. 143-154, entitled "Quaker feminism; the case of Lucretia Mott." * * * Two recent reprints of Quaker materials have come to the attention of the editors. The Mosher Book & Tract Committee of New England Yearly Meeting of Friends has republished Margaret Fell's Women's Speaking Justified, Proved and Allowed by the Scriptures. . . . Originally published in 1666, this tract is of interest to present-day women's study programs. The second reprint that appeared late in 1981 is Elizabeth Gray Vining's Friend of Life: the Biography of Rufus M. Jones. This is a publication of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Book Services Committee and is obtainable from the Friends Book Store, Philadelphia, or Quaker Hill Book Store in Richmond, IN. * # * An English publication lately acquired at the Quaker Collection at Haverford College is David Burns Windsor's The Quaker Enterprise: Friends in Business. Dealing entirely with British firms, this book was published in London by Frederick Müller, Ltd., in 1980. There are chapters on most of the notable 19th century English Quaker companies such as Darby, Cadbury , Lloyd, Huntley and Palmer, and Rowntree. It is a 176 page work, illustrated, and includes an index. The author notes that the Quakers were imbued with a keen sense of the value of work for itself, often called the Protestant ethic. Honesty and plain dealing were to be admired, ostentation and personal material gain avoided. These attitudes, Windsor states, were conducive to business success. Quakers developed certain business areas into which they forged their way, pioneering new processes and developing humane attitudes toward workers. The ethics of the Society of Friends as minuted in their "Advices" gave great strength and support to Friends in business. Articles and Publications63 Daniel Hoffman's poem Brotherly Love concerns William Penn. Vintage Books, a division of Random House in New York, published this attractive narrative poem which contains useful bibliographic references supporting the authenticity of the poetry. * * * Another English publication under the imprint of Quaker Home Service is Wait in the Light, the Spirituality of George Fox. This is a selection from the writings of Fox and other early Friends, with an introduction and comments by John Lampen. * * * An historical account of Quaker work in the Near East has been written by Christina Hendy Jones. Friends in Palestine was published by Friends United Press in the spring of 1981. The author and her husband, Willard Jones, spent many years in mission and educational service in Palestine and Syria. The book has 202 pages and is illustrated. * * * Virginia Quaker historians Werner and Asa Janney have published an aspect of local Quaker history entitled, Ye Meetg Hous Smal, which is a short account of Friends in Loudoun County, Virginia, 1732-1980. This 94-page booklet, illustrated with pen and ink drawings, includes several pages of bibliographic references and is available from Friends Book Store in Philadelphia and from Quaker Hill Book Store in Richmond, IN. * * * Of a similar local nature is the informal account prepared and published by Dale V. Benton: A History of Rough Rock Friends Mission. This mission is part of Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting of Friends Church. The work of the mission, located in Chinle, Arizona, is covered for the years 1948-1978. * * # Quaker Roots, edited by Norma Jacob, is a valuable and interesting...


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