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QUAKER RESEARCH IN PROGRESS By John H. Curtis and Barbara L. Curtis Ronald E. Butchart, 16 Badgar Avenue, Endicott, N.Y. 13760, is in die middle stages of archival research for a doctoral thesis at SUNY at Binghamton . The topic is entitled "Northern Whites and the Origins of Black Education in the South, 1862-1875." He reports that the topic includes activities of Quaker organizations. A Yale University doctoral candidate, Clyde A. Milner II, 269 Humphrey Street, New Haven, Ct. 06511 is beginning work of a thesis topic, "Quakers and Indians in die post-Civil War Period." "Thomas Chalkley, Pious Quaker Business Man," a Ph.D. thesis at Michigan in 1969 is currently in process of revision with a view to book publication by the author, Eleanor H. Beiswenger, 17 Pine Street, Canton, N.Y. Susan Forbes received her doctorate in American Civilization from die University of Pennsylvania in 1972. Her thesis was entitled, "As Many Candles Lighted." It is an account of the life of Quakers in New Garden, North Carolina, 1718-1774. A comprehensive study of the life and work of Peter Hill, first Black clock maker in the Burlington, New Jersey area, has been undertaken. He had support and encouragement of local Quakers according to Silvio A. Bedini, staff member of the Smithsonian Institution, who is preparing an article for publication. Margaret H. Bacon is currently doing research toward a biography of Abbey Kelley Foster, a Quaker activist in the abolition and women's rights movements 1841-1861. Arthur O. Roberts reports two separate Quaker research projects: a history of Friends in Alaska, and a history of die Association of Evangelical Friends. A biographical study "Elihu Embree, Quaker Anti-Slavery Editor in Tennessee" is projected by Randall M. Miller of the department of history and politics at St. Joseph's College, Philadelphia. He will be glad to know the whereabouts of any Embree papers in private hands. David L. Saley, a doctoral candidate at the University of Delaware History department is preparing a study on "Production of war material for die American armies during the Revolutionary War." The major em69 70QUAKER HISTORY phasis will be on the Middle Colonies and the efforts of die Continental Congress. He can be reached at 163 Elkton Rd., Newark, Del. Research has been completed by George David Smith of 5A Sacramento St., Cambridge, Mass. His topic for a thesis from Harvard is "Religion and the development of American culture: Western Pennsylvania, 1760-1820." Christine M. Lemioux of 4220 Chester Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., 19104, whose field is Antiiropology at die University of Pennsylvania, is working witii Quaker materials for a diesis entitled "Rites of passage concerning death, [in] 19th century southeastern Pennsylvania." In particular, she is concerned with die townships of Aston and Middletown, Delaware County. ...


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