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Research in Progress Mary Ellen Chijioke and Barbara E. Addison There are several interesting clusters in current research in Quaker history. One is centered around John Woolman and Quakerjournals. Drew Lawson (RMB 3230Eaglehook, Victoria, Australia) is studying Woolman's letters as a source of insight into the nature of the spiritual journey. Continuinghis literary studies ofWoolman, Mike Heller (3156 GarstCabin Drive, SW, Roanoke, VA 24018), faculty member in the Department of English at Roanoke College, is examining the journals read by Woolman and those written by his contemporaries. Joe Mathews (P.O. Box 395, Leesburg, NJ 08327) is transcribing and analyzing one such journal, that of Joseph Smith, for his Ph.D. dissertation at Temple University. Quaker topics in American studies are more diverse. Rosalind Beiler, faculty member in the department ofHistory, University of Central Florida (Orlando, FL 32816-1350) is writing a book, "Becoming American: The Transatlantic World of Caspar Wistar, 1650-1752." John Fea (Chapman Parkway, Stony Brook, NY 1 1794) is including Quakers in his dissertation in History for SUNY Stony Brook on "Rural Religion: Protestantism in Southern New Jersey, 1740-1820." Chris Cascio (610 Stonegate Boulevard , Elkton, MD 21921), graduate student affiliated with the Historical Society of Delaware, is studying Quaker attitudes toward taverns and drinking in eighteenth-century Wilmington. Catherine Blecki (1 607 Bittern Ct., Carlsbad, CA), faculty member in English at San Jose State University, is studying the connection between Quakers and the French from the American Revolution to about 1 800; she is also interested in Quaker women writers. Maria Thompson (1509 Montgomery Avenue, Rosemont, PA 19010) is preparing an interpretive video on the Free Quaker Meetinghouse in Independence National Historical Park. W.J.D. Kennedy (622 Simmons Drive, Boulder, CO 80303-3035) has been studying the journal of Moses Coates as he traveled west of the Alleghenies in 1 805 and 1 806 looking for suitable sites for a Quaker to resettle. Richard MacKinnon (89 Cottage Road, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada BIP 2C9), Associate Professor in Folklore Studies and Architecture at University College of Cape Breton, is planning a book on Mary Arnold's work in the North American cooperative movement. Researchers are studying the history of a wide field of meetings and localities. Christopher Briggs Klemek (3401 Walnut Street, Apt. 352B, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6228) is working on Easton Monthly Meeting (New York Yearly Meeting) for his graduate studies in History at the Research in Progress79 University of Pennsylvania. Terence Maguire (2605 Brightwell Drive, Wilmington, DE 1981 0), English teacher at Wilmington Friends School, is clerk ofthe committee preparing a book to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the school. Margaret L. Steneck (127 Grandview Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48103), on the faculty of History and Education at the University of Michigan, has funding from the New Jersey Heritage Commission for a source book on Randolph, NewJersey, a Quakercommunity that can claim such members as Jacob L. Brotherton and Benjamin Lundy. Mark C. Ebersole (1166 Country Club Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601) is studying Sadsbury Monthly Meeting and Friends in Columbia, Pennsylvania. Christopher Densmore (67 Randwood, Getzville, NY 14068), Archivist at SUNY Buffalo, is preparing a book on the Genesee Yearly Meeting and the Friends of Human Progress (New York). Seth Hinshaw (1071 Greenwood Avenue, Zanesville, OH 43701) continues his research into Ohio Quakers and especially the Wilburite meetings. In the area of women's studies, Michele Lise Tarter (947 6th Street, Charleston, IL 61920) faculty member in English at Eastern Illinois University , is revising herdissertation forpublication as "The Body as Testimony: Quaker Women's Prophesyings in Early American Culture and Text." Kama Linden (Mejramv. 103, 70218 Örebro, Sweden), member of the Department of Social Studies, University of Crebro, is including feminist Swedish theologian Emilia Fogelklou in her study of women, health, and action. Rolynne Rogers Healey is preparing her dissertation for the Department ofHistory, University ofAlberta (2-28 Tory Building, Edmonton, AB T6G 2H4) on the role of Quaker women in the establishment of community in early Upper Canada. Sandra MacKenzie Lloyd (6835 Gorsten Street, Philadelphia, PA 19119) is conducting research on Alice Paul and her family for the Alice Paul house in Mt. Laurel, NJ. Another cluster in current research is...


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