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185 NOTES ON CONTRIBUTORS Angel Barahonateaches theology Universidad Complutense in Madrid. He is the author ofmany articles in patristics, and translator into Spanish of René Girard's Quand ces choses commenceront. Tom Cousineau is Professor of English at Washington College in Maryland, authorofWaitingforGodot: Form inMovementand oíAftertheFinalNo: Samuel Beckett's Trilogy. His essay on The Great Gatsby is part of a forthcoming manuscript on sacrifice in modemist fiction. Lillian Dykes practices domestic and family law in Memphis. Robert Hamerton-Kelly is the author ofnumerous scriptural studies, including Sacred Violence: Paul's Hermeneutic ofthe Cross and The GospelandtheSacred: Poetics ofViolence in Mark. He is a fellow ofthe Center for International Strategy and Arms Control and Pastor of Woodside Church in Palo Alto. Ralph Hajj teachesEnglishandtheUniversityofMontreal, wherehehas authored several essays on modem painting. Britton Johnston, Doctor ofDivinity, is the Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Santa Fe, and the author of numerous articles on scripture and contemporary issues. Louzgane Lahoucine is Associate Professor of English at the University of Alberta and the author or numerous articles on modernist fiction. André Lascaris is professor of theology at the Dominical Theological Center, Nijmegen, and the author of numerous essays on scripture and on his active involvement with conflict resolution. Malachie Munyaneza is a doctoral student in biblical studies and minister ofthe United Reformed Church in London. After his ordination, he was General Secretary ofthe Presbyterian Church ofRwanda. Jerry S. Piven, Ph.D., teaches at New School University and New York University, where his courses focus on the psychology of religion. He is a psychoanalyst in training at the National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis (Theodor Reik Institute) in New York City. ...


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