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FORUM To the Editor: Members of the Modern Language Association have been gravely concerned by the fact that the slate of three candidates for Second Vice President for 1979, prepared by the Nominating Committee, contains names of persons who do not qualify for the office by virtue of the MLA Constitution, Article VI, Paragraph 4, which states: «Candidates, including those nominated by petition, must have been listed in the printed directory of the members for the two preceding years» (PMLA, 91 [1976], 540). Of the three candidates, only one, Professor Olga Ragusa, fulfills the eligibility requirements by being listed for both required years, while another of the three names is not listed in the 1976 directory, and the third is not listed for the year 1977. According to the stipulations cited above, only those votes cast for Professor Olga Ragusa can be counted in the election. The violations of the Constitution in presenting the slate for Second Vice President for 1979 were brought to the attention ofthe Nominating Committee in a letter dated May 26, 1978, as well as to the officers of the Association. In repeated letters in June, July, August, and September, various members ofthe MLA have further requested that should the slate be presented without change, a statement explaining the irregularity be presented to the membership at the time ofthe ballot, so that the voting members will have the opportunity to decide whether they wish to waive the provision contained in Article VI, Paragraph 4, of the Constitution. It remains to be seen whether the MLA membership's voice has been heeded by its officers. JohnLihani University of Kentucky 166 ...


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