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CONTENTS OF PREVIOUS VOLUMES Volume 12 Sara Lennox, Feminist German Studies across the Disciplines: Introduction to Grossmann, Ferree, and Cocks; Atina Grossmann, Remarks on Current Trends and Directions in German Women's History; Myra Marx Ferree, Sociological Perspectives on Gender in Germany; Joan Cocks, On Commonality, Nationalism , and Violence: Hannah Arendt, Rosa Luxemburg, and Frantz Fanon; Todd Kontje, Gender-Bending in the Biedermeier; Irmela Marei Krüger-Fürhoff, Epistemological Asymmetries and Erotic Stagings: Father-Daughter Incest in Heinrich von Kleist's The Marquise of 0...; Helen G. Morris-Keitel, Not "until Earth Is Paradise": Louise Otto's Refracted Feminine Ideal; Barbara Hales, Woman as Sexual Criminal: Weimar Constructions of the Criminal Femme Fatale; Kathrin Bower, Searching for the (M)Other: The Rhetoric of Longing in Post-Holocaust Poems by Nelly Sachs and Rose Ausländer; Charlotte Melin, Renderings of Alice in Wonderland in Postwar German Literature; Helgard Mahrdt, "Society Is the Biggest Murder Scene of All": On the Private and Public Spheres in Ingeborg Bachmann's Prose; Frederick A. Lubich, Interview with Elisabeth Alexander: The Mother Courage of German Postwar Literature; Karen Hermine Jankowsky, Remembering Eastern Europe: Libuse Moníková; Leslie A. Adelson, Now You See It, Now You Don't: Afro-German Particulars and the Making of a Nation in Eva Demski's Afra: Roman in fünf Bildern; Sara Friedrichsmeyer and Patricia Herminghouse, Towards an "American Germanics"?: Editorial Postscript Volume 11 Jutta Brückner, On Autobiographical Filmmaking; Margaret McCarthy, Consolidating , Consuming, and Annulling Identity in Jutta Bruckner's Hungerjahre; Janice Mouton, Margarethe von Trotta's Sisters: "Brides Under a Different Law"; Jenifer K. Ward, Enacting the Different Voice: Christa Klages and Feminist History; Renate Möhrmann, "Germany, Pale Mother": On the Mother Figures in New German Women's Film; Barbara Becker-Cantarino, "Gender Censorship": On Literary Production in German Romanticism; Dagmar von Hoff, Aspects of Censorship in the Work of Karoline von Günderrode ; Lewis Call, Woman as Will and Representation: Nietzsche's Contribution to Postmodern Feminism; Alyth F. Grant, From "Halbtier" to "Übermensch": Helene Böhlau's Iconoclastic Reversal of Cultural Images; Lynda J. King, Vicki Baum and the "Making" of Popular Success: "Mass" Culture or "Popular " Culture?; Katharina von Ankum, Motherhood and the "New Woman": Vicki Baum's stud. ehem. Helene Willfüer and Irmgard Keun's Gilgi—eine von uns; Friederike Eigler, Feminist Criticism and Bakhtin's Dialogic Principle: Making the Transition from Theory to Textual Analysis; Imke Lode, The Body in the Discourses of Colonial Savage and European Woman during the Enlightenment ; Sara Friedrichsmeyer and Patricia Herminghouse, The Generational Compact: Graduate Students and Germanics. Volume 10 Richard W. McCormick, Private Anxieties/Public Projections: "New Objectivity ," Male Subjectivity, and Weimar Cinema; Elizabeth Mittman, Locating a Public Sphere: Some Reflections on Writers and Öffentlichkeit in the GDR; Ruth-Ellen B. Joeres, "We are adjacent to human society": German Women Writers, the Homosocial Experience, and a Challenge to the Public/Domestic Dichotomy; Marjorie Gelus, Patriarchy's Fragile Boundaries under Siege: Three Stories of Heinrich von Kleist; Gail K. Hart, Anmut's Gender: The "Marionettentheater" and Kleist's Revision of "Anmut und Würde"; Brigid Haines, Masochism and Femininity in Lou Andreas-Salome's Eine Ausschweifung ; Silke von der Emde, Irmtraud Morgner's Postmodern Feminism: A Question of Politics; Susan C. Anderson, Creativity and Nonconformity in Monika Marón's Die Überläuferin; Ruth Klüger, Dankrede zum Grimmelshausen -Preis; Karen Remmler, Gender Identities and the Remembrance of the Holocaust; Suzanne Shipley, From the Prater to Central Park: Finding a Self in Exile; Sigrid Lange, Dokument und Fiktion: Marie-Thérèse Kerschbaumers Der weibliche Name des Widerstands; Miriam Frank, Lesbian Life and Literature: A Survey of Recent German-Language Publications; Luise F. Pusch, Ein Streit um Worte? Eine Lesbe macht Skandal im Deutschen Bundestag; Jeanette Clausen and Sara Friedrichsmeyer, WIG 2000: Feminism and the Future of Germanistik. Volume 9 Ann Taylor Allen, Women's Studies as Cultural Movement and Academic Discipline in the United States and West Germany: The Early Phase, 1966-1982; Susan Signe Morrison, Women Writers and Women Rulers: Rhetorical and Political Empowerment in the Fifteenth Century; Christi Griesshaber-Weninger, Harsdörffers Frauenzimmer Gesprächspiele als geschlechtsspecifische Verhaltensfibel: Ein Vergleich mit heutigen Kommunikationsstrukturen ; Gertrud...


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