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CONTENTS OF RECENT VOLUMES Volume 15 Jeannette Lander, One Summer in the Week of Itke K.; Marjanne Goozé and Martin Kagel, "I am not a part of this. I can laugh at it. But I know it." A Conversation with Jeannette Lander; Monika Shafi, Point of No Return: Conflicting Desires in Jeannette Lander's Novel Eine unterbrochene Reise; Sara S. Poor, Historicizing Canonicity: Tradition and the Invisible Talent of Mechthild von Magdeburg; Bettina Mathes, Doctor Faustus Impotent ? Fantasizing the Male Body in the Historia von D. Johann Fausten; Yuna Shin, "She Would Rather Depart the Earth in Fire": Reading Diotima 's Death in Friedrich Hölderlin's Hyperion Or the Hermit in Greece; Hedwig Fraunhofer, Fear of the Feminine: (Homo)Sexuality and Economics in Brecht's Jungle of Cities; Karen J. Kenkel, The Adult Children of Early Cinema; Nina Zimnik, No Man, No Cry? The Film Girls in Uniform and Its Discourses of Political Regime; Lynda J. King, Grand Hotel: The Sexual Politics of a Popular Culture Classic; Temby Caprio, Women's Film Culture in the Sixties: Stars and Anti-Stars from Papas Kino to the German New Wave; Julia F. Klimek, Elusive Images of Women, Home, and History: Deconstructing the Use of Film and Photography in Edgar Reitz's Heimat; Kirsten Harjes and Tanja Nusser, An Authentic Experience of History: Tourism in Ulrike Ottinger's Exil Shanghai Volume 14 John M. Jeep, Among Friends?: Early German Evidence of Friendship among Women; Albrecht Classen, Ottilia Fenchlerin's Songbook: A Contribution to the History of Sixteenth-Century German Women's Literature; Mara R. Wade, Invisible Bibliographies: Three Seventeenth-Century German Women Writers; Melanie Archangeli, Charlotte von Hezel and Das Wochenblatt fürs schöne Geschlecht: An Eighteenth-Century Challenge to Gender and Genre; Gail K. Hart, Re-dressing History: Mother Nature, Mother Isabeau, the Virgin Mary, and Schiller's Jungfrau; Lisa C. Roetzel, Acting Out: Bettine as Performer of Feminine Genius; Muriel Cormican , Authority and Resistance: Women in Lou Andreas-Salomé's Das Haus; Inca Rumold, Der Malik: Else Lasker-Schüler's Anti-War Novel; Friederike Emonds, Contested Memories: Heimat and Vaterland in Use Langner's Frau Emma kämpft im Hinterland; Catherine C. Marshall, Ilse Langner's Klytämnestra: A Feminist Response to the Rhetoric of War; Dagmar CG. Lorenz, Man and Animal: The Discourse of Exclusion and Discrimination in a Literary Context; Hannelore Mundt, Katherine Mansfield Revisited: Constructions ofthe Self in Christa Moog's Aus tausend grünen Spiegeln; Sabine Wilke, The Sexual Woman and Her Straggle for Subjectivity: Cruel Women in Sade, Sacher-Masoch, and Treut Volume 13 Herta Müller, The Red Flower and the Rod; Libuse Moníková, Some Theses Regarding Women's Writing; Karin A. Wurst, Elise Bürger (1769-1833) and the Gothic Imagination; Daniel Purdy, Sophie Mereau's Authorial Masquerades and the Subversion of Romantic Poesie; Lynne Tatlock, Recollections of a Small-Town Girl: Regional Identity, Nation, and the Flux of History in Luise Mühlbach's Erinnerungen aus der Jugend (1870); Barbara Hyams, The Whip and the Lamp: Leopold von SacherMasoch , the Woman Question, and the Jewish Question; Katharina Gerstenberger , Her (Per)version: The Confessions of Wanda von SacherMasoch ; David A. Brenner, Neglected "Women's" Texts and Contexts: Vicki Baum's Jewish Ghetto Stories; Birgit Dahlke, Avant-gardist, Mediator , and. . .Mentor? Elke Erb; Elke Erb, Not "Man or Woman," But Rather "What Kind of Power Structure Is This?": Elke Erb in Conversation with Birgit Dahlke; Beth Linklater, Erotic Provocations: Gabriele StötzerKachold 's Reclaiming of the Female Body?; Jutta Ittner, Jigsaw Puzzles: Female Perception and Self in Brigitte Kronauer's "A Day That Didn't End Hopelessly after All"; Annette Meusinger, The Wired Mouth: On the Positionality of Perception in Anne Duden's Opening of the Mouth and Das Judasschaf; Monika Shafi, "Between Worlds": Reading Jeannette Lander's Jahrhundert der Herren as a Postcolonial Novel; Heike Henderson, ReThinking and Re-Writing Heimat: Turkish Women Writers in Germany Volume 12 Sara Lennox, Feminist German Studies across the Disciplines: Introduction to Grossmann, Ferree, and Cocks; Atina Grossmann, Remarks on Current Trends and Directions in German Women's History; Myra Marx Ferree, Sociological Perspectives on Gender in Germany; Joan Cocks, On Commonality , Nationalism, and...


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