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This column provides a forum for responses to the contents of this journal, and for information of interest to readers. The editor reserves the right to publish letters in excerpted form and to edit them for conciseness and clarity.

To the Editor:

In my review of the database Contemporary World Music and the federated-search engine Music Online from Alexander Street Press (vol. 66, no. 3 [March 2010]: 610–14), I reported that the sound recordings accompanying another ASP database, The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, are available only from the Garland home page in their database, and not accessible via the Music Online search. I made a subsequent recommendation that ASP load these recordings into Contemporary World Music so that they may be searchable through Music Online. It was inadequate searching on my part that prevented me from realizing that these recordings were in fact already available through Music Online. While they are still, as reported, not accessible directly from the articles that reference them in Garland, a search in Music Online will retrieve articles from Garland along with musical examples from both Contemporary World Music and the audio recordings accompanying Garland (providing that an institution subscribes to both CWM and Garland). I apologize for the implication that Alexander Street Press had somehow left them out of the federated search entirely. [End Page 200]

Alec McLane
Wesleyan University


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