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MINUTES OF THE 1981 MEETINGS OF THE COMEDIANTES The 1981 MLA meetings followed the traditional pattern, two sessions dealing with the Comedia and one session given to the banquet. The sessions were organized and chaired by Professor Robert Blue. The two meetings continued and terminated the celebrative events in honor of Calderón and dealt with the following subjects. Henry W. Sullivan, «Calderón's Reception and Influence Abroad and What It Tells Us.» Francisco Ruiz Ramón, «Sobre la pasión en el héroe trágico calderoniano .» James A. Parr, «Calderón and the New Critical Consciousness.» The second session, termed Calderón de la Barca II, had the following speakers: Patricia Kenworthy, «A Modal Approach to Calderón's Plays.» Dan Heiple, «Calderón's Restraints on Charity.» Anne M. Pasero, «Semíramis and Segismundo: Doubles and Opposites .» Thomas O'Connor, «Love in the Myth Plays.» The Comediantes banquet was held at the Casa de España and was attended by: John Allen, W.R. Blue, Elaine Bunn, Frank Casa, Virginia Craig, Sharon Dahlgren, Frances Exum, Edward Friedman, Patricia Finch, Robert Fiore, Susan Fischer, David Gitlitz, Dan Heiple, Everett Hesse, Patricia Kenworthy, Edmund King, Willard King, Audrey Kouvel, Catherine Larson, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond MacCurdy, Tony Madrigal, Adrienne Mandel, Eric Naylor, Sandra Nielsen, Jack Parker, Jim Parr, Anne Pasero, George Peale, Michael Pincus, Mr. and Mrs. Francisco Ruiz Ramón, John Reynolds, Joseph Snow, Mat131 132Bulletin ofthe Comediantes thew Stroud, Marsha Swislocki, Robert ter Horst, Henry Sullivan, Shirley Whitaker, Anne Wiltrout, John Wooldridge, Tony Zahareas, guests. At the conclusion of the dinner, Tony Madrigal gave a financial report on the Bulletin and announced a modest increase in the subscription rates. Everett Hesse announced the death of Professor Hannah Bergman. At the Meeting of the Executive Committee, Professor Frank Casa was confirmed as Chairman for 1982 and Professor Edward Friedman was elected Secretary. The Executive Committee decided that henceforth, instead of counting the Banquet as the third of our official activities, it would be best if we organized it on our own and utilized that opening for another session. There was discussion on whether it is practicable to develop a sort of five-year plan in which various aspects of Golden Age theater would be treated seriatim. The proposal was not accepted for the moment although further discussion on the subject brought about by several oral and written communications is expected. Professor Casa proposed the following topics for the three sessions that the Divison will sponsor: 1 ) The Comedia as a «teatro representable». A consideration of the Comedia as theater. Problems relating to technical aspects. Scenography, characterization etc. will be addressed in this session. 2 ) The Editing of Comedias. What are the general and peculiar problems relating to this important aspect of our field. 3 ) Nature and Characteristics of History Plays. For this session discussions on the definition of history plays as well as the relationship between history and literature are welcome. Persons interested in participating should get in touch with Frank Casa by submitting abstracts initially and complete papers at the appropriate time. Send communications to: Department of Romance Languages, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109. Professor Friedman will be in charge of the banquet, which will continue as a tradition, and will be in contact with members about ar- Minutes¡33 rangements. Respectfully submitted, FRANKP. CASA Secretary, 1981 ...


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