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116Bulletin ofthe Comediantes Correction to Prof. Frederick de Armas's review that appeared in the last issue (Vol 33, No 2, 1981) on page 170. The next-to-last paragraph should have read: While most of the discussion in this monograph centers on the several objective methods utilized to determine authorship, some plays elicit a more subjective response from Augusto Portuondo. Studying La aldehuela y el gran prior and El jardín de Vargas, the author of Diez comedias utilizes theme as one of the criteria for rejecting Lope de Vega's authorship: «El tema ... es ya sospechoso: la superioridad inherente del noble y la abyección del villano» (p. 32). Such a statement may deserve further discussion and consideration. Finally, Los milagros del desprecio is rejected as Lope's work by Portuondo in spite of Francisco Rico's and José F. Montesinos' statements to the contrary. Again, Portuondo centers his analysis of this play on subjective criteria, mainly the presence of comic passages dealing with the pecado nefando. Richard Tyler's studies on the subject , not cited by Portuondo, may shed some light on this matter.» ...


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