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MENTIDERO DE LOS COMEDIANTES The 1986 meeting of the Philological Association of the Pacific Coast at UC Riverside, November 7-9, included an ad-hoc section on Spanish Golden Age Drama, organized and chaired by Susana Hernández -Araico, newly elected member of the Executive Committee. The section consisted of four papers, "The Seventeenth-Century Spanish Theater in Florentine Diplomatic Archives," by Shirley Whitaker; "Variaciones sobre el tema del amor en la Comedia," by Everett Hesse; "Lope de Vega's Mythological Plays as Psychodrama," by Michael McGaha; and "Cervantes y Lope: dos mundos teatrales," by Louise Fothergill-Payne. A convivial luncheon brought together Comediantes with other Hispanists in the Peninsular and Latin American sections. The 1987 meeting to be held at UC Davis, November 13-15, will again include an ad-hoc section on Golden Age Theater organized by Susana Hernández-Araico and to be chaired by Barbara Mujica. Five papers will be presented' "Literature and Life in Lope de Vega's La mayor virtud de un rey," by Joseph Silverman; "Contextual Disclosure in Lope de Vega's ¿De cuándo acá nos vino?" by Thomas Case: ílLa verdad sospechosa: Deconstruction and the Comedia," by George Mariscal: "Truth and Fantasy in Calderón's El purgatorio de San Patricio," by Barbara Mujica: and "End of the Line: Calderón's Hado y divisa de Leonido y Marfisa," by Margaret Greer. PAPC, the MLA's regional affiliate on the West Coast, holds its annual meetings on the second week in November, in any North American state or Canadian province along the Pacific Ocean. Annual dues of $15 entitle members to a copy of Pacific Coast Philology where some of the best papers presented at the previous meeting are published. For additional information, write to Louise Westling, PAPC Executive Director, Department of English, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon 97403. 299 ...


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