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184. THE HUME LITERATURE FOR 1980 The Hume literature from 1925 to 1976 has been thoroughly covered in my book Fifty Years of Hume Scholarship : A Bibliographical Guide (Edinburgh University Press, 1978; /7.00), which also lists the main earlier writings on Hume. Publications of the years 1977 to 1979 were liste in Hume Studies for the last three Novembers. What follows here will bring the record up to the end of 1980. Readers are invited to inform me of any omissions , and to send me offprints of their own articles and reviews. The intention is to maintain a complete bibliographical record of critical work on Hume, by the regular publication in Hume Studies of an annual bibliography covering the previous year, with addenda consisting of items omitted through ignorance in previous years. References to recently-appearing reviews (of books from earlier lists) are given at the end. The following abbreviations of journal titles are used here: APQAmerican Philosophical Quarterly JHIJournal of the History of Ideas JHPJournal of the History of Philosophy JPJournal of Philosophy PASProceedings of the Aristotelian Society PBPhilosophical Books PQPhilosophical Quarterly PRPhilosophical Review RIPRevue Internationale de Philosophie RMReview of Metaphysics TLSTimes Literary Supplement Other abbreviations should be obvious enough, and mainly follow the British Standard (no. 4148) . ALTMANN, R. W. 'Hume on Sympathy', Sth. J. Phil. 18, 123-36. ANDERSON, R. F. 'In Defense of Section V: A Reply to Professor Yolton', Hume Studies 6, 26-31. AYER, A. J. Hume. (viii, 102 pp.) Oxford. [TLS (9 May 1980) , 531] 185. BAIER, A. 'Master Passions', in A. 0. Rorty, Explaining Emotions , 403-23. BAIER, A. 'Hume on Resentment', Hume Studies 6, 133-49. BAIER, A. 'Helping Hume to "compleat the union"', Phil. & Phenomenological Research 41, 167-86. BERMAN, D. 'Hume and Collins on Miracles', Hume Studies 6, 150-4. BLONDEL, E. '"Wohin?", "Wozu?": Ein Kulturproblem. Wahrheit und Leben bei Hume und Nietzsche' [in French], Perspektiven der Philosophie 6, 70-89. BOTWINICK, A. Ethics, Politics and Epistemology : A Study in the Unity of Hume's Thought. (xii, 185 pp.) Lanham, Md. BREDE, W. Der Unterschied der Lehren Humes in Treatise und im Inquiry. (50 pp.) Hildesheim & New York. (unaltered repr. of orig. publication, Halle 1896) BRICKE, J.' Hume's Philosophy of Mind. (vi, 176 pp.) Edinburgh. BURCH, R. 'Bayesianism and Analogy in Hume's Dialogues ' , Hume Studies 6, 32-44. CALHOUN, C. C. H. 'The Humean Moral Sentiment: A Unique Feeling', S. -west. J. Phil. 11, 69-78. CHARRON, W. C. 'Convention, Games of Strategy, and Hume's Philosophy of Law and Government', APQ 17, 327-34. DAUER, F. W. 'Hume's Skeptical Solution and the Causal Theory of Knowledge', PR 89, 35 7-7 8. DOORE, G. 'The Argument from Design: Some Better Reasons for Agreeing with Hume', Religious Studies 16, 145-61. DUSSINGER, J. A. 'David Hume's Denial of Personal Identity: The Making of a Skeptic', Image 37, 334-. FEINBERG, J. Rights, Justice and the Bounds of Liberty, 307-14. Princeton, (repr. of Feinberg 1977) FLAGE, D. E. 'Hume's Identity Crisis', Mod. Schoolman 58, 21-35. FRANKLIN, J. 'More on Part IX of Hume's Dialogues ' , PQ 30, 69-71. 186. GAWLICK, G. 'Zwischen Empirismus und Skeptizismus: Neue Literatur zu David Hume (II) ' , Philosophische Rundschau 27, 59-84. (on Carabelli 1972, Mercer 1972, Roberts 19 73, Harrison 1976, Wayne & Colver 1976.) GILARDI, R. 'La natura epistemologica delle considerazioni humiane di Treatise , III, I, 1 su essere e dover essere', Rivista di Filosofia neoscolastica 72, 243-73. GRIFFIN-COLLART, E. 'Le bon David, âme républicaine, entre deux révolutions', Etudes sur le XVIIIe siècle 8, 35-46. HALL, R. 'The Hume Literature for 1979', Hume Studios 6, 162-8. HAMBOURGER, R. 'Belief in Miracles and Hume's "Essay"', Nous 14, 587-604. HEISMANN, G. 'Addenda to the Hume Bibliography: Austrian, German and Swiss Dissertations', Hume Studies 6, 168-70. IMMERWAHR, J. "Hume's Self Criticism', Sth. J. Phil. 18, 169-76. MacCORMAC, E. R. 'Hume's Embodied Impressions', Sth. J. Phil. 18, 447-62. MACKIE, J. L. Hume's Moral Theory. (viii, 166 pp.) London, etc. McRAE, R. 'The Import of Hume's Theory of Time', Hume Studies 6, 119-32. MALHERBE, M. Kant...


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