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  • Consulting Editors

Many scholars contribute their time and expertise to the quality of this journal by providing reviews of submitted manuscripts. We thank the individuals listed here, as well as members of the Editorial Board listed on the inside cover, for their recent work on behalf of this journal.

The Editors

Kim Arbeau

Catherine Bagwell

Karen Bierman

Robert Coplan

Martin J. Doherty

Larry Dumka

Greg J. Duncan

Catrin Finkenauer

Pamela Garner

Andrea Hopmeyer Gorman

Bridget Hamre

Paul D. Hastings

Patricia Hawley

Julie Hubbard

Emily Impett

Kathryn Kerns

Thomas Kindermann

Janet Kuebli

Debbie Laible

Robert Laird

Bonnie Leadbeater

Julie Paquette MacEvoy

Lara Mayeux

Frederick Morrison

Nina Mounts

Tiina Ojanen

Natalia Palacios

Sonja Perren

Elaine Reese

Ann-Margret Rydell

Marlene Sandstrom

Laura Scaramella

David Schaefer

Andrew Shtulman

Catherine Tamis-LeMonda

Melissa Terlecki

Lara Triona

Wendy Troop-Gordon

Carlos Valiente

Brenda Volling

Hongling Xie

Janice Zeman [Begin Page iii]



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