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  • The Jewish Question and the Reason of the State
  • Jonathan Boyarin (bio)
Coming Out Jewish: Constructing Ambivalent Identities. Jon Stratton. London and New York: Routledge, 2000.
Jonathan Boyarin
New York City
Jonathan Boyarin

Jonathan Boyarin is an anthropologist and attorney living in New York City. He writes on Yiddish culture, Jewish critical theory, and the politics of memory and diaspora. He is the author of many articles and of Polish Jews in Paris: The Ethnography of Memory (Indiana UP, 1991); Storm from Paradise: The Politics of Jewish Memory (U of Minnesota P, 1992); Palestine and Jewish History: Criticism at the Borders of Ethnography (U of Minnesota P, 1996); and Thinking in Jewish (U of Chicago P, 1996). He is the co-author, with Daniel Boyarin, of the forthcoming Powers of Diaspora (U of Minnesota P); the editor of Re-mapping Memory: The Politics of Timespace (U of Minnesota P, 1994); and the co-editor, with Daniel Boyarin, of Jews and Other Differences: The New Jewish Cultural Studies (U of Minnesota P, 1997).

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