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Photo Flora, Florida by Peter Glendinning For most Michiganians and NewYorkers (I am both), Florida is a destination where one finds things that are often missing at home. Relatives live there, and so do the sun, sandy beaches, and warm temperatures, aU of which are pleasant to visit in the middle of February. At the same time, however, I see undercurrents of an unnatural world in the carefuUy created spaces of that quite heavily altered landscape, and in the people and animals that occupy them. The essence of such spaces can yield both pleasure and terror. I find myself drawn to reveaUng evidences of that powerfiflly dark side of the Sunshine State. I continue to make photographs for this series on my occasional visits, cataloguing my experience of the netherworld—that "other" peninsula— through photographs which I tide, simply,"Flora, Florida," or"Fauna, Florida." 178 Photo Essay179 Flora, Florida. © 1999, Peter Glendinning. ...


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