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Readers Write Letters to the Editor The first issue of Fourth Genre finaUy arrived. . . . I've read it from cover to cover and was very pleased with its content, form, and diversity. Please continue with the same format. I've subscribed to many Uteraryjournals over the last years. Currendy I'm stiU receiving Shenandoah and The Missouri Review. The latter has been my favorite for at least ten years. Fourth Genre resembles The Missouri Review with its essays, interviews, and book reviews, but understandably lacks its poetry and innovative pure fiction. Its "creative nonfiction" powerfuUy replaces Missouri's fiction. Rexford Strathroy WebberviUe, Michigan Thank you for sending me a copy of your inaugural issue. I've just had a chance to glance at it and, as someone who's written a good deal ofcreative nonfiction, I experienced some initial excitement at the idea ofsuch a magazine . But as I looked furdier I felt this sinking feeling in my stomach. I must say that I was disappointed with the generaUy monochromatic bent of the journal, even in the area of the reviews. I then glanced at the editorial advisory board and wondered how many writers of color are on it. Of course I realize this is your initial issue and things may change in future issues, but initial impressions are, as they say, important. This letter has not been easy to write. You sent this issue I'm sure as a gesture of good wül. I feel a bit hesitant bringing up what I worry about. It may be my own knee-jerk response, and perhaps you may choose to take note as such (or point out the writers of color on the board). StiU I don't think my response would be atypical for many writers of color; certainly looking at this issue one would not get any sense of the slew ofwriters of color—too numerous to mention—who have worked in the genre in recent 2 Fourth Genre years. I'm sure this was not your intention but I come away from this issue contemplating the foUowing: As the recent controversy over the Academy of American Poetry's Board of ChanceUors demonstrates, there are still places inAmerican Uterature where people ofcolor are told in subtle or not so subtle ways that they aren't part of the real literary world. David Mura Minneapolis, Minnesota Such a surprise and deUght: immediately accessible, readable, seriously good writing, in a wonderful coUection of amazing variety. I have admired, enjoyed, pondered, absorbed, and been moved by these judicial—and timely—selections. I think you may have struck the exact right time for reconsidering the genre and aU its present possibilities. I can't begin to imagine the effort that went into the making ofthis obvious huge success. I think you have produced a veryfine publication. I amjust 50 pleased. Caroline Blunt East Lansing, Michigan I just received Fourth Genre last week. It's so weU done. I hope you are pleased with how your first issue turned out. I liked how you talked about teUing the truth in the literary memoir. I guess that's one reason I stopped showing my work to my older sister. She would always find some Uttle fact that wasn't exactly true to life. It's caUed literary license. Jean Francis Phüadelphia, Pennsylvania The first issue ofFourth Genre looks Uke a splendid start. Congratulations to you and everybody who's had a hand in launching this new ship of words. I'm grateful to you for publishing and to Bob Root for conducting the interview with me. . . . Best wishes for the journal, and for aU ofyour work. Scott RusseU Sanders Bloomington, Indiana Readers Write3 I just wanted you to know that I keep coming back to and reading different pieces in the journal you edit. I think it is amazing that you got such a quaUty publication ready in such a short period oftime.When I think about it, my whole work life deals with creative nonfiction. Dr. Sam Plyler Okemos, Michigan Received the first issue ofFourth Genre in today's maü. And though I've only had a chance to skim over it...


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